Hylo eye drops

I have been changed to these as the Viscotears had preservative in them. But with the RA and OA plus the osteoporosis I just can't press the bottom of the 'jar' to get a dose out. Anyone any ideas. I do need to use them and they have no preservative in them. I do have an appointment Thursday with the Optometrist. But advice welcome from the users.

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  • I know! How annoying is that! I need eye drops too and I just buy them off the shelf but some I just can't press coz they are too tough... Hopefully optician will have an alternative for you. 😜

  • Glad I got them on prescription. It is stupid making something people can't use.

  • I use Eye Drops for Dry Irritated eyes by A Vogel all natural ingredients bought via Amazon The container is different and once you get used to it the push down dispensing method is easy and the container means you

    Can keep drops longer than with a conventional dropper type bottle . These drops work for me no additives in them only downside is the price which is about £8 but they seem to last a long time anyway.

  • I'll have a look many thanks for this.

  • I am the same problem, they are so soothing but I am also unable to press the bottom of the jar. Anyway my hands too small!!

  • I couldn't use hyabak drops either for the same reason. I managed to find out from the pharmacist what other ones were available, and have gone back to tears natural, but I don't think they are as thick as the viscotears. Take the bottle to your local pharmacy, and see what they have that is equivalent, then you can go back to your doctor and ask for them to specify the one you think you can use.

  • She did not want to prescribe anything. Had viscotears for ages then learnt that they had a preservative in them and may make the eye worse. I am seeing the optometrist on Thursday [16th July] it is annoying and have written to the company. My sister in law puts her head back to get it in and suffers terribly with dizziness afterwards for a 'few' minutes.

  • Request eye dropper from pharmacy, they may transfer contents to eye dropper bottle for you if you make request.

    I have days where my hands do not work, cannot hold cup, spoon ... They're there to help..please ask them at the pharmacy.

  • Thank you. I will go to the pharmacist first. I did ring them and they had no idea of how they were packed as she said "we just take the bottles down off the shelf".

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