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Eye tests - beware if you have complex sight problems

Had my routine check up with Specsavers in January. Was told that my eyes had changed, but not enough to change the prescription. Off I went not totally convinced.

Since then, I've had headaches and have had to take my glasses off to give my eyes a rest more and more.

Got a second opinion at Boots. Not only has my longsight changed, but my shortsight has improved slightly. This means my current prescription is far too strong for me and should have been addressed in January!

I was given two choices: 2 pairs - one for distance and one for reading/working or varifocals. I chose seperate ones because its very clearcut when I need to use them, but if I find I'm changing them too much, I'll get varifocals next time. Fortunately these were on a 2 for one deal, so I got some sunglasses at half price too.

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Hello Zanna


I have worn varifocals now for over twenty years at least, the lenses incorporate a variable lens that automatically turn dark in bright sunlight so they are an expensive box of tricks.

When I use the computer I have a pair with graduated lenses that prevent computer blindness and headache, that I use as required, Also when driving I have driving sunglasses that take away the glare form the road both are set at optimal distance, for my eyes, I normally get these free over several years when I do need to change the varifocals so it works out I am only paying for one pair, granted expensive ones. I am lucky in some ways because my eyes are now stable so I do not need too change to often it is an expensive problem when glasses cost so much, although sight is a so very important that we need too look after them

All the best



Too true. I was quite unsettled by the difference of opinion despite me saying that I can't see very well out of the old ones. There's a huge discrepancy between "not changed enough to both long and short sight need correcting".


I ws put off these shops when my husband had a pair with plain glass in one side. I do have problems and we both now go to an optomitrist. [sp] they have four years training as far as I know and 2 years for the opticians.


I have been told that the best practice is to get your lens prescription from a good optician. Go on the internet and order your glasses from hong kong. It is a fraction of the cost of what spec savers would charge.

The eye tests have a variability built in. If you are tense you can modify the shape of the eye by the tension in the eye muscles. This alterts the focus. This can result in being given glasses that create eye strain. Because you focus can be different than what was measured in the opticians when your eye muscles are relaxed.


I understand you John, in this case my eyes have changed - and my old prescription (2 yrs old) was causing eye strain as it was too strong. I understand the eye quite well as I have multiple minor problems some of which should settke with the new glasses. Will remember for next time to use hongkong, but I got a very good deal this time round.


I was the same as you getting lots of headaches so I had my eyes tested. I ended up getting two pairs of glasses simply because when I tried the varifocal glasses on I couldn't keep my balance. This came as quite a shock to me as I have worn varifocals previously with no problems. I think it is all down to my conditions as I have intermittent balance problems that I never suffered before becoming ill.



Bob here

Varifocal lenses can be a problem with dizziness etc. The best way around this is do not move the eyes move the head this sorts it out

I have had them now for many years, was shown by the optician and told to try them for four weeks and if not right. they would credit me to purchase bifocals or plain types.

I cannot praise these ones I have

All the best Sandy



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