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I had in part unsuccessful surgery on my spine and now looking at further surgery, what to do?


Hi Everyone I had a emergency microdiscectomny and laminectomy last February after I became unable to walk or dress my lower half. I had before this epidurals and tender point injections and I have been on high morphine patches before and since as whilst the surgery enabled me to walk, I still suffer from chronic pain and severe sciatica. Following a recent Mri, I have been told I may require further surgery to either pin and plate my lower 3 vertebrae or have disc replacement. I really don't want further surgery as I am 29 but my pain and sciatica are almost at the same level they were before my operation. I don't know what to do next? Has anyone gone through anything similar?

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I went through exactly the same at 34 Paul. Here I am, 20 years later and no further forward, on morphine for pain and registered disabled!

Ask about a local pain clinic (not rehabilitation that's more to do with how you deal with it) where they can give pain killing injections which last 6 months at a time... if successful.

I have discs out in my neck which cause horrible pain in my arm and horrific migraines. Since having occipital nerve blocks (my first was 2 1/2 years ago) my migraines have gone and arm pain isn't constant.

Sorry it's not a more positive post, but I tell it as it is!

Hi Paul

Please whatever you do don't give up,try everything they offer to you,I was in a very similar situation to yourself just over eight years ago and had five microdissections one spinal fusion and now I have a spinal nerve stimulator fitted,I had a trial one fitted over Christmas and it worked so well I was more or less pain free so in April I had a permanent one done and it's the most amazing feeling ever to feel like i do.Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING you like about medication ,operations ect


Paul1874 in reply to sharonb45

I try not to give up but some days it is extremely hard, Thank you for your kind words and support x

Hi Paul

Worth having a look at this website Tamethepain.co.uk maybe helpful


See an Alexander Teacher and see if they can help. They may be able to correct muscle usage problems that are giving you grief.

Once an operation is done you cannot undo it.

I thought it was my back until a Dr gave me a SI joint shot on the left side. I cried. No pain. Been 3 years. SI Bone surgery 3-2-15. No pain. Can walk.

Paul1874 in reply to Cynthia58

Hi is that like a cortisone injection?

Cynthia58 in reply to Paul1874

I had every scan done and about 10 Drs couldn't help. Pain started2005 got worst. I read SI bone site. No pain after day surgery

My Gp is trying to send me back to pain management but I've been told their new procedure is to go through psychology dept first.... Been waiting since feb for an appointment and getting frustrated due to heightened pain.

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