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Back seized up,unable to bend, or sit for 10mins and excruciating hip pain help please!


Hi I am a 17 year old girl with a chronic pain caused by a prolapsed disc in my back. I had surgery 18months ago. I am still getting sciatica/back/hip pain today.

About 5days ago I suddenly couldn't move or bend my back. My back had seized up and even getting up from bed/sofa took a long time. I can't stand for more than 15mins as I feel like my back will turn to jelly and I will collapse. I have tried walking a short distance every day, but I need to stop and sit or turn around as my back can't support me. I have also been leaning to my right side when I walk and sit as it doesn't feel normal to sit straight. I have been going to the toilet a lot and get the feeling that I will wet myself. If I do too much of one thing my back is a pain the rest of the day. I had to stop doing the dishes as I felt I could collapse. I am writing this to see if anyone knew what might be wrong with me. I don't even know what made it happen. My sciatica has decreased as it is all in my back now

Please help me, thank you

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Hello king `12

So much you have to put up with in one so young. Must be awful.

At the risk of repeating myself....

You must go to your GP.He will know what your medical history is and hopefully can advise.

Are you on any sort of pain relief?

It could be any one of a number of things you may have done.

A sofa bed can be a bit low which wount have helped in you getting up.

And golden rule from pain clinic - pace yourself. If you have to sit to do your dishes then sit. Or even beer get someone else tp dp them.

Pat x

king123 in reply to Bananas5

It is awful, wanting to run to get fit and just be a teenager but Its just hard too

Bananas5 in reply to king123

Yes life can be so cruel and unfair.

So what has your GP said about this 'injury? or maybe a flair up And your pain relief?

Pat x

How long were you having problems before surgery and did you have full feeling and power in your legs and feet before surgery?

Was it a micro discectomy operation?

If you had a lot of problems before surgery it is going to take a while to get better. I take it you had physio after surgery to help get you mobile. They give a set of mobility and strength exercises usually, you really really do need to do these everyday.

If you can't manage long periods on your feet then do little and often, but do try to keep mobile. If you find your legs are very shaky then get something you can roll over the floor with you foot whilst you sit to stop you losing muscle.

I feel for you. I was 19 when I had my first surgery, 20 when I had second surgery, because yes back surgery can fail, or having one level fixed can then highlight problems at another level. If it was micro discectomy then there is a possibility more disc has protruded and is pressing on nerves or it could be scarr tissue which needs more physio input to un tether the nerves.

Go see someone. Especially if you are getting new problems with urininating or moving bowels.

Hi king123 so sorry to hear you are such pain. I have experienced excrutiating back and leg pain and had major surgery for a spondylolithesis in 2012, I now have a cage of rods and screws holding it all in place and have been more or less pain free ever since. You MUST go back to your back specialist or if needed a GP referral to see the person who operated on you. I was under the care of mine for 2 years and have only just been signed off as all being ok. Have you had any X-rays or scans since your op? Something really doesn't sound right. You need to let them know immediately that you are having trouble wih your bladder as I lost control of my bladder and was rushed into hospital there and then. Hope you can get some help urgently, please don't wait, do it now if you haven't already done it. Good luck.

Try getting someone to put your bed mattress on the floor to sleep and rest on while you are in so much pain its easier to get on and off. I think you should phone your GP if this has come on for no reason ie mine is usually when I bend down or lift something and it just goes into spasm or more recently I was in horrific pain after falling down the stairs. Even the worst back pain usually will just begin to feel a little better after about 3 days.


I'm with everyone else, if the problem with your bladder is new, you MUST go back to your Dr as a matter of urgency, it sounds as if you are getting a nerve severely pinched somewhere, there are several very serious causes of this sort of sensation,that only a Dr and an MRI can diagnose, even more reason to go back as several of your other symptoms ring alarm bells, for one so very young,this is no way to exist.

Could have a minor back inflection. Look up Discitis. See Gp as fast as possible. Erythromycin is a Macrolide antibiotics but just as importantly, they are also effective anti-inflammatory agents.

You may need to google to get the appropriate information to present in front of your Gp.

Hope this helps.

So sorry to hear about your pain - can you tell me what type of operation you had? Discectomy? Spinal fusion? And what region of your back was the prolapse? Lumbar etc ...? It is always a worrying sign if you are having problems urinating and I redlly think you should see a GP ASAP about this symptom.

Ohh man you are suffering from a lot of pain, how are you managing all that! I thing you should consult your orthopedic doctor for all such issues like hip pain, back pain and others.

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