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Thank u

Hi all just a up date moved into my new place it's great got a few things to sort out but I have never been so happy. U should have seen her face when the removal men turned up to help me it was like thunder if looks could kill she shout I will find u and one of the removal men shouted back no u won't. If it was not for u lot I would still be their getting kicked and punched and hot thinks tipped on me and thinking I would be better off dead but not now I have a place off my own making new friends and for the first time in a while I can sleep and that's thanks to u all

Hope u all have a pain free day

P.s pat waiting for bt to sort out phone and Internet then I will send u my new e-mail address

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Best news ever and YOU did it. We just gave you the confidence you'd had knocked out of you.

You are in that safe place you needed and glad the removal men stuck up for you!

Go for it Peter and so much for you to look forward too.

Will hold you to your promise too!

Best hugs always

Pat x


U are my angel and u have been there for me from start to finish I could not have a better friend

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Awe you made me go all pink!!

Lots of support from others too. That's the plus side of thiis forum. All pull together when a crisis hits. And soon have a birthday to celebrate!! Don't expect any cake - I eat them not make them!!


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Am so so pleased to read your post Peter, thanks so much for letting us know how youre doing. I have been thinking about you lots. Good to know the removal men were so supportive.

Youre not the only one who thinks Pat has little wing tips!!

She is right tho, it was YOU who did this and if you can get through stuff as tough as that so successfully the future will be a doddle by comparison.

Looking forward to celebrating that birthday with you - I'll make the cake then, double lots cos Pat does eat it all ( except the ones with nuts in!)

Onwards and Upwards Peter




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Hi Peter

What wonderful news. You have been brave and broke free. Wishing you all good things for the future. I was wondering how you were getting along. So pleased for you. Keep us updated. Take care.



Good luck in your new home and with your new life style. Every best wish x


Thanks Katie I will


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