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injection name ?

Hi I have been on here a few times now and always receive good advice,I had a injection in hand last week well a drip with somekind of pain relief it was a small amount over a period of two hours ,it was for my pain I have in lower back and down my leg and in my groain my gp suspects I have severe spinal stenosis but the Dr a pain clinic just keeps saying lower back pain but it feels so much more,any way I have now a mri coming because I have severe pain that is at times unbearable in my shoulders and arms down to wrists more so I would say in my right,to see what that is could it be related? The treatment I have for my back is morphine patch morphine tablet 3 times a day too or more if and when and 3 gabapentin 3 times a day naproxen twice daily ,this does nothing at times for this arm pain but really helps back pain my back I have bulging and crumbled disc nerve trouble,will this ever get better ? All I get from docters is we can help with pain ! What a answer any help gratful diane

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I am on sevredol


Some doctors do sometimes make you think what the F***, why did I bother coming, then you'll see someone else and they will work wonders for you. Over the last 13 yrs that I've been using the NHS on a monthly basis, I had your problem many times. It's only the last 5 years that I've suffered from chronic pain in the abdomen (which I'm being told is nerve pain caused by too much surgery, scar tissue, damaged nerve endings, 3 different mesh's and all the surgical tacks you can imagine. I had a surgery last September where as part of it the pain Dr had asked they remove as many surgical tacks as possible, which they did, and they cleaning out the adhensions, but after a few weeks of considerably less pain the adhensions came back with a vengeance) and that I have been under the care of my local pain clinic. My first Dr was totally useless, a waste of space, just talked and talked and did nothing, then just retired leaving over 1,000 patients in the lurch.

The Dr whom replaced him was a breath of fresh air, sat us down and explained that trying to get me pain free or at least under control would take time and we would be trying a varitiy of different drugs and then procedures. He also said there was a chance that no matter what he did he might not be able to make me better, he was honest with me and that really helped.

Although we did find a way for me to get totally pain free, there was a cost, and that cost is to much, I don't mean money I mean quality of life. When totally pain free I couldn't have wrote this email, because my brain wouldn't function enough, I couldn't hold a conversation, I couldn't drive, I couldn't this, I couldn't that. So as far as drug treatment is concerned we have had to turn it back and lower the dosage so that i have some quality of life, though I'm still in pain all day every day.

So the Dr. wanted to try radio Frequency treatment, which we have, and I've now had over 45 treatments, finding the "good spot" where I'm screaming and crying out before they inject a bit of local the insert a needle to burn the nerve to stop it from send pain signals back to my brain.

We've tried lidocaine patches but they did nothing, and now my Dr wants me to consider SCS (spinal cord stimulation) which to be honest I'm not happy about, but he is more than happy for me to go and see someone else for a second opinion and still go back to him afterwards, which I am very grateful for.

So my advice to you would be, to keep trying, and if and when you find something that works for you, go for it, take it, use it, make the most. If you are finding that the Dr. that is treating you isn't working for you then change them, either go over their head to there clinic manager, or get your GP to refer you to someone new.

I'm in the process of being referred to the Walton Centre in Liverpool, as the manager of my local pain clinic thinks that they might be able to offer different treatments for me as they are "on the cutting edge for pain management" and remember in these days of "choose and book" you can get treatment wherever YOU want.

Anyhow, I hope I've helped you, I hope you find a solution that works for you, don't stop trying and keep on researching your condition, the more YOU know about your condition the better placed you are to be able to discuss it and your treatment

All the best



See a chiropractor. You may be applying pressure to the nerve roots in the neck. Nerve roots in the neck affect the arms.

Worth having lessons in the Alexander Technique to help with your postural problems.

Hope this helps


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