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The Westminster CRPS Briefing will take place Tuesday the 24th

starting at 11 in Room Q in Portcullis House. This is our chance to make things happen in the UK so please if it is at all possible come along, tell your story get the press and the MP’s who are attending on our side.

It would be nice if we could all meet up in the café afterwards and you decide our next steps. If you are going to attend I need your names to forward to Iain’s office.

You need to fill in this to be exempt for the congestion charge

And I am waiting to hear from Q-park to see if they will give us a group parking discount.

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Cannot make that date so all the best and I look forward to hearing how you got on.


Thanks John


How long do you expect briefing to last? I'm very very limited how long I can sit?


Probably no more than an hour but if you need to get up and move around no problem just shows them what this can do to us


I will do my level best to come, I don't need exemption for congestion charge as I travel by train.

Please give me full address,




Portcullis House Westminster, it's on top of Westminster Underground station


So far about 15 sufferers are coming. If you want to I need to know by 1pm


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