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Tender with bruising

I forgot to say in my last post about my other problems i keep getting sometime, maybe someone could shed some light on it or have had the same thing going on themselves , I sometime gets very tender to the touch around my lower back SI area and left pelvis and occasionally some bruising , i have been to my doctors and had blood test that all came back ok, i had a very brief conversation with the doctor at the pain clinic who did seen that interested about it also i have very small muscles on my left side of my body compared to my right side and in particular my tights and butt, i don't know if when i start my pain clinic seminars that would be an area i or they could look at and work at in helping me build the muscles back up or should i go back to my doctors for him to take a better look, i have already told him my concerns about the muscle differences before but maybe need to push it? my lower back SI area is very painful to the touch today i have had to take my belt off and the pain shoots up to a 9 if touched, also 2 years ago i had physio for my back pain and he said go back to your doctor and tell him you have "poor Force Closure around the SI joint area" i have had 2 MRI on my back one said dice degenerative changes,L5 s1 disc prolapse but no obvious compression, T11/12 disc prolapse with shallow left paracentral, i got to see the doctor after the first MRI who said the disc should go down in time and you probably need amitriptyline in a year or two????? then the second MRI conclusion said unchanged appearances from 2 years ago but this time the doctor suggested the pain is could be coming from L5 s1 disc prolapse, the specialised i got to see said he went over my MRI and it looked ok (which i am happy with i don't want to be cut unless they are 100% sure, i have already had surgery for my knees and that was hard enough and a long road to recovery ) but i did ask if the MRI covers my pelvic area as i said about the problems around that area and the poor Force Closure around the SI joint area he said no the MRI has not covered that area. i dont know if i am looking for something thats not there and simply i have chronic pain that came from the problems of the last 3 year

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It's my understanding that poor force closure just means that one of your joints isn't opening and closing normally which you might expect if you have disc trouble. The two go together. The lowest disc L5 and its joints are lower than you think and this could be the source of the pain you are describing in you pelvis. Perhaps go back to see the physio? 😜

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Thanks for the insite :) will talk to the doc about physio


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