Has anyone ever had a "fractured greater trochanter bone?"

Hi, 4 months after my second hip replacement while doing an NHS exercise there was a crack!!

Taken into hospital where they diagnosed a fracture of the greater trochanter bone. They sent me home and said it would heal but would take a long time. It is now 11 month later and I'm still on 2 crutches, My own consultant {not the emergency one I first saw} says it will not heal. A bit of bone has broken and moved quite a distance away from the joint so I will be on crutches for the foreseeable future. I could learn to cope with the crutches but the pain is very bad. Any suggestions

Thank you


Hileena UK

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  • No surgical procedure suggested?

  • Hi

    No surgical procedure suggested at all,.......they said the bit of bone that had broken of had moved so far away from the joint there was nothing they could do.

    When I saw my consultant he gave me a cortisone injection. That has worked {well not as painful} but I can feel it wearing off now



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