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Has anyone had a L5S1 fusion from l4 to l6 done and had complications?

I had mine done back in 2010,was ok for 18 months but unfortunately now with heavy severe pain and off drugs due to getting hooked,I stopped taking them over a month ago.I am desperate to have this situation resolved as it has totally turned my life upside down, a family man with two teenagers and a wife.housebound due to severe pain.waiting on the bone scan result and hopefully a meeting with the surgeon.had the mobility car till dec 2013 but that was taken back by DWP due to a bungled ATOS assessment, pain is so bad in flood of tears and really down, unable to work due to the severe crippling pain in my back and love right leg that is permanently numb.

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Hello Fedup,

Sounds like evrything has come in at once and swamped any coping mechanism you may have.

What i can never understand, and sure others will say differently, why if pain relief is working do you stop? Chronic pain is never going to get beter, only be a managable level, so where does addiction fit? It is only a problem when you stop taking meds. If you have stopped then you will be getting withdrawal symptons bug time and your body won't cope.

Has your GP or consultant advised you to stop

Get your pain releif back on track and you may be able to see the woods for the trees.

Bungled Atos assessment? I presume this was for your DLA/PIP? Did you appeal the decision? Why did they take it off you?

I can help with this side of your problems if you message me.

Up to ypu.

We are all here to help and support you do neber feel alone.

Private message me of you want

Pat x


Hi Paton,

Thanks sooo much for your advise, my doctor advised me to stop as I was getting confused and aggressive and dizzy, I have been cold turkey for a month and a bit and though I am clear in my head,my pain is absolutely through the roof.I forget things when I was taking cocodamol,Tramadol,Naproxen and Amytriptilline I started missing appointments,losing my mind. The pain was not improving doc says to try half to one cocodamol tablet a day to help me see the wood for the trees like you said,but I am so concerned at how I lost my mind when I was on the DLA I got reassessed by Atos and they said I could walk longer in their opinion than I said.i explained that I am in constant pain all the time and I drove the Motability car using my left leg as my right leg is numb and heavy 24/7 and indeed I was able to hold down a job because of the mobility car, that is until the pain got worse.I have written countless letters and I am now in the appeal process waiting a court date with the tribunal will take four months from now due to backlog they say.

I have just taken one cocodamol tablet and will stick to one a day for a month and see if it helps, really nervous about it.

Thanks for your help Pat,any tips you can offer to help me in getting the mobility car back is greatly appreciated as I am trapped at home,if I can get out of the house just a drive to the park or for coffee with the mrs is badly needed.I use taxi everywhere very expensive as I don't get benefit and not workings use to the debilitating pain exhausting my little savings.had a bone scan last week the surgeon will get I touch to see if anything shows up on the scan.

Thanks Fedup


Do message me. Easier to write in an email. Should be able to do something with you"

Pat x


Definitely definitely appeal! I have been in your shoes! I agree with the statement about chronic pain, though I understand where you are coming from. I am on all of the meds you listed, plus Duloxetine and it does leave you muddled. However, the prospect of coping with a high level of pain everyday without pain relief is horrendous! Do you attend a Pain clinic? I find the doctors there are more up to speed with newer ways of managing the drugs for pain relief because they are dealing daily with chronic pain patients. I was switched yesterday to pain patches, which I have had in the past and try to avoid, but I have been on max tramadol for about 3months which does wreaks havoc on the stomach.

If you want to PM me about the DLA appeal, feel free.


Thanks Kerry much appreciated, even now my head just feels so all over the place and the pain is terrible, i need a car to be able to attend the pain clinic as the taxi costs are killing me, I have no job love wife is the sole income earner, we have a major concern re mortgage.

I cannot focus on anything as the pain is eating into love soul.

I have appealed awaiting a date from the DWP tribunal they say there is a 4 months wait. life is meaningless my wife has stuck with me but now she has become very cold and things are very shaky.

I am chasing my life insurance due to this crippling pain as I can no longer do full tine work.

I am desperate to have the mobility car back as it is a lifeline, I have the back pain and numbness in love right leg 24/7. I am trapped at home as I cannot walk any distance due to the pain.

Things look very bleak but I am really just trying to stay calm as I am mentally in a bad way. I keep sending the receipts of my hospital visits and other appointments to the tribunal,I had a bone scan done last week.

I am waiting for the results and a call from the surgeon. What a mess my life eh,never thought I would be in this situation. My email is I need all the help I can get as love life is unravelling please if you can help.


Sorry where it says love should be my in my post.



I had full disc replacement surgery L5/SI two and a half years ago. Like you I was fine , great in fact for 18 months. I am now in constant pain, I have had to give up work (I had been there for 13 years) . I have applied for PIP , not heard anything yet. The people from welfare rights said there is a back log so long it could take nearly a year. I am lucky enough to have private medical insurance from my husbands work. I had a MRI and CT scan but these don't show anything, my right leg is weak and I need a crutch to walk. I am all the same tablets as you were. I am now seeing a Pain Management specialist and have had injections as follows :- Epidural , Facet Blocks (I have worn facet joints) , steriod in to my sacroiliac joint and piraformas and a root nerve sleeve. These have taken the edge off the pain but are starting to wear off . I had them only 8 weeks ago. I am book in for more injections on the 1st may. I can only have 3 lots a year . I know the injections are only a temporary fix but 8 weeks of being able to sleep is heaven. I am still taking pain killers at the same time but they seem to work in conjunction with the injections. I am also working with my physio.

I wish you all the best and hope you are able to get injections even if they are only temporary . I know how painful and debilitating it is.

Good luck

Natalie x


Thanks Natalie, grateful for sharing, waiting in the result of a bone scan and then see what the options are, will mention the injections, I did have injection in January but did not work. Will stay positive. Cheers fedupwithmypain.


Stress is making you hurt more. First and foremost is you.

Mortgage and Marriage is important but not without you so

you need to get in control over your pain...can you call family or

a friend, a good samaritan to give you a ride to the doctor? You

need to be seen today. Things will get better...



Once you get some pain relief in you, I bet things will turn around

with the home/love situation. I really do feel bad for you.




Thanks Brett, our surgery closes over the weekend and the A&E will keep me in their cubicle for hours on end and they will say I should go back to my GP.I will get in touch with the GP on Monday as I need counselling urgently.I took some Cocodamol and I started itching as it is still in my body.

I am only using hot water bottle and relaxation as I still get hot and cold sweats and itching.will call NHS to see what else I can do.


Back pain is the worst. I am just recovering from my 3rd back surgery. Had herniated disc at L5/S1, spinal stenosis so nerves being impinged. They did a forinectomy to make room for the nerves on the left side. Any back surgery can have complications, and when you are in this much pain, you cannot function, obviously. I feel so bad, I know what that pain is. I hope you have had some luck since you first posted this. It is always "iffy" when dealing with pain med issues.


Thanks Nightdancer,

I wish you a speedy recovery, the functioning with anything is a real problem.I am getting through day to day.

Thanks again


Oh you did come on here to check on me. I was wondering, nightdancer where you saw that I was nice as pie. As you can see, I do have a lot of pain and do encourage people with this amount of pain to take the painkillers. I am really not that bad of a guy as you made me out to be. I just believe that each medicine was made for a certain condition and that taking PD medicines are not good for people with RLS. It's harder to get off those medicines than it is pain pills. I believe that people should save pain pills for pain, not restlessness or as a sleeping pill. After reading the stories on here, do you agree? These

are the people that have a hard time even getting pain pills for pain.


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