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Using a rollator? Anyone used one


Ive had chronic pain for nerve damage and herniation of l5/s1 - twice which they wont operate on as its to risky for me. And left leg pain. Im on fentanyl (been on for 5 years and gabapentin (only just started a week ago) . And tried other meds inbetween My mobility is next to nothing & im piling on weight like no tomorrow. And its very depressing after being indoors constantly .

I have crutches but find when im out they don't support me well enough and I still find myself heading towards the ground, so I thought about getting a rollator. Now I have big big issues about what other people thing of me & ive mentioned a rollator before and it was laughed that it was only for elderly people. Im 36 years old & although id like to try get outside walking if only for 5 minutes but I wouldn't want to be laughed at.

Has anyone else had any issues

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I remember my Grandmother had a nice one with stone handles and four red balls patterns around theIr rubber surface like finger prints,I use to play with it. I am now 63 and that was way back in the fifties. Today we can get the same thing for the back of the chair with heating elements, and balls that go around and round, it is a most strange feeling.

My Grandmother s rollator always smelt of ,fiery jack, and I got it in my eyes and it really stung.

If you can get one of these you will need someone to assist, if you need it on the spine it reminds me of someone baking, rolling out the doe,it can be used in different areas, and you do not need to plug them in.Ask the doctor and confirm no damage will be caused.

Good luck in your search try Boots,or other disability tools shops



Hello again

Do you mean a three wheeled pushy thing with a seat in the centre, I got my wires crossed I think, yes I have one also a wheelchair,I hope I am not getting mixed up again,one of them must be right.

Some times you can feel self aware with them at least you have somewhere to sit when out and about,some have bags on them or little baskets to put your shopping in.There are three or four wheeled ones

Most probably wrong again at least I have made you laugh.

All the best


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:) I mean the 4 wheeled walker things with the seat that can also be used a wheelchair. Love the story about your grandmother, put a smile on my face anyway x


Bob I loved the story too :))

Lozmart,I dont think it would look any worse than having to use two crutches,and really ,does it matter what it looks like..if it gets you out thats what matters..i do understand the visual,the chuckles from mates,but they will subside,Try it see how you feel x


Rolator or rolator? I did wonder where this was going with heated scented coloured balls!

The 4 wheeled ones with a seat and bacl rest are excellent. Favid used to get knocked over in crowded areas until he started using one. The design of the seat + back rest prevents him getting knocked and provides somewhere to sit when out and about.

Seat is not overly comfy for too long though. Not the easiest to fit into a car boot and they do sort of unfold themselves.

Much safer than critches and a good useful piece of equipment.

Even more use when we go to Gardening Scotland and need somewhere to pole up my purchases.

Pat x


I am 57yaers old and must say the first time I went out with mine it was weird. Now, six months later, I never go without it. It does the job and gets me out so who cares? Must say the seat comes in handy. I find here in Birmingham UK the people are very patient and helpful. Always holding the door open for me etc, it will change your life. Go for it. Ann xx


i understand the thing about being self conscious about using walking aids but remember that it is a valuable tool to keep you active not a sign of being infirm or old- that helps me! and it is natural to feel self conscious about it at first but no one really notices- i know other younger people who use them as i have MS and they are a more stable mobility device than crutches as you have found- the concern i would have is how much support you need from the walker- if you need a lot of support you may need one that has arm rests rather than handles to hold- the ones with the arm rests mean that you put your weight through your forearm bying leaning on the arm rests at elbow height (bit hard to explain) have you considered advice from an ot to help you work out the best option?

if the standard walker is ok, then there are some designs around that are really modern looking and may suit your younger image better, i think they were made in norway but my computer is running real slow and i canot search well at present or i would send you the name- i will try again later and post again if i have luck- one in particular claimed to fold up flatter which made i easier to get in an out of a car boot too which is definately an added bonus as they are a bit cumbersome to get in an out the boot!

the other option is rent one short term and give it a try to see if you find the reactions too much but truth be told, these days most people pay no attention to the disabled (i am in a power wheelcahir with obviouis disability and i feel pretty invisible most of the time, its hard to get help from folks at times these days)

good luck


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I have a four wheeled one with a seat in middle....

I must admit I don't use it as often as I should, wither it's the thought of being embarrassed as you seem to put them to older people...

As I have said it's a great peace of kit, it saves your arms from getting sore with using sticks, and you can take a rest when it suits you. So ye, think I will start to use mine more often...



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