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Tight Sock Syndrome

Tight sock syndrome is a feeling of wearing socks on your feet all the time. I have this on my L foot and the other just mildly so. However I also have a very tight sensation, like a rubber band, wrapping around the upper calf below the L knee. The band has suddenly extended farther down and is affecting the entire leg. It is very disturbing. Along with it my back pain is becoming worse. It is very bad during sitting. I had a lower spine decompression surgery done early this year to correct my suddenly disabled L leg.

Anyone has this tightness feeling? The tightness dulls the sensation somewhat but the motor function is only slightly affected. I was on a false hope that it would go away. My left leg has recovered to 65% of my normal function. I can walk short distance without a cane.

I have neuropathy on my L inner thigh, upper buttocks and both sides of my sacral area.

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I have this too on my right leg. I had a Laminectomy in August L3/L4 L4/L5 L5/S1. I had suffered from tremendous pain in the right leg prior to the operation, most of that not gone but for Restless Legs, Drop Foot and this tight sock feeling. It is a horrible feeling, I have to actually look sometimes to make sure I haven't got a tight sock on!

Wish you well, Val

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I also have tight sock syndrome! I have a spinal cord injury and Pudental Neuralgia! I have always thought and been told it is from the severe neuropathy in both feet. I don't wear socks because of the burning in my feet. During the day or night I reach down to take my socks off, but I don't have any on! I have a lot of other nerve pain in my body, and especially in lower back.

I just have to live with it! I am waiting to get nerve blocks in recta-anal entrapped nerve, excruciating pain day & night! Praying for you!



So sorry Trish that you are suffering so much. Can only imagine the pain of recta-anal entrapped nerve. Wish you the very best when you get your treatment, Val


The tightness in my feet is bothersome and I can live with it so long there is no increased grip. However, does anybody experience tight grip in the leg? This symptom occurred after my operation. (L2+3 laminectomy + discectomy + decompression, L4+5 laminectomy). It was a narrow band below the knee but it has spread to the entire leg. This is awlful. Would topical agents like Volteran + gabapentin help? I take gabapentin at a reduced dose to avoid vision problems. I have no specialist to consult. The surgeon won't see me! My back pain has turned worse. No social life!


Yes I get that in my buttocks at times if I am sitting for a long time so I have to get up and walk about


Oh, but at least you find relief when moving around and it is periodical. Did you get that checked out and explained for the symptoms by a specialist? I am afraid it is due to nerve entrapment after the spinal procedure. Wish a spine specialist could fix this. But my priority is for pain reduction of my lower spine pain that is becoming out of control. Any temporary fix using topical application for all these neuropathy symptoms?


No I have not it check out or explained there are times that I take pain killers when it gets really bad or go and lie down.


I also have the same as you in my left leg, and that is exacly how i desribed it. Just like having a sock on that st op ped below my knee. I was told i have a nuropothy and the only thing that gives some relief is to take amitryptaline, has anone suggested this to you.


It is the intense gripping around the Left calf area below the knee first as a morrow band then spreading down to the heel. The foot sensation of tight sock has intensified. This started about six months after my lower back surgery to correct my disabled left leg. However my right side is slowly picking up similar symptoms.

Amitriptyline has some use in nerve pain, but I try to avoid it because of cardiovascular and anticholinergic issues. Gabapentin 1200mg a day apparently has not helped and I am stuck with the dreaded Cymbalta as I am trying to wean it off. Unfortunately no doctors are able to specifically address the problem.

I am trying a host of naturally products to relieve my neuropathy but don't see much improvement. They are alpha lipoic acid, benfotiamine, methylcobalamine, cucurmin, omega-3 fish oil, and topical essential oils (helichrysum and rose geranium). Have you heard of the benefits of evening primrose oil for its GLA anti-inflammatory effect? Any body tried with success for neuropathy whether it is diabetes related or not?


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