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Hi all just to let u know that I still feel the same I am waiting to see some one from mental health and also seeing a foot surgeon on Friday, I know that is nothing he can do for me because of my CRPS also been told that I have about a year left with the use of my right hand & arm so I will have may be two Christmas with my son and that's when I will end my live so I will have to make the most off the time I have left with my son. And I would like to thank u all for your support over the past few months.

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Do TRY not to think of what you have left.....try and enjoy all the time with your son, and honestly, you just don't know what the future holds. None of us do...healthy or ill. Please don't think I take your problems lightly, I don't, but having worked with cancer patients I learned how amazing "attitude" helped.....positive thoughts, plans, etc., work wonders. Just a thought....tell me to buzz off if you want to :) You take care, and enjoy today . Lots of good wishes :) :) :)


Hi Louisiana

Thank u for that I will try and be positive and injoy the time that i have

Reply keep posting so we all know how you are and how you are feeling :)


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