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Chronic pain and new to this site

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Hey, i live in canada so we have a big time difference.Up most nights in pain from nerve damage in my back. If u need to chat or complain to me im listening. Ive been like this for a long time so i know how stressful it is. If u just wana chat to take ur mind off things thats fine 2. First time on this site but i hope i can help.

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Sorry you have to deal with nerve pain in your back. I had herniated discs and was off work for 10 weeks. I remember crying myself to sleep because the pain was so bad. So I kind of understand where you're coming from. What part of Canada?

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Glemily1 in reply to Petreep

Im in ontario. Are u english? Sorry 4 the late reply btw, having a little trouble navigating this site.

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Yes, live in Missouri. Getting ready to drive into Nova Scotia for a few days at Peggy Cove.

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Nova scotia huh. Only a 4 or 5 day solid drive from me lol. I think u can fit England into canada around 40 times l think canada has about an extra million in population tho lol

When my pain is really bad, I get very quiet. I am interested to find out your physical issues to see if they correlate with mine. I'm too tired to begin tonight, but I am interested in talking to you soon. Thank u

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