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Hair loss x


I hope everyone had a better day today :)

I've read a couple of posts regarding hair loss.. it's a horrible symptom

Iv suffered from it three times in the last couple of years. The feeling is horrible each time and doesn't get better

I am 21 now. Loosing long thick black hair made me do some research for remedies as you can imagine the trauma was hard to cope with it. .

To be honest, when hair is falling, iv realised it falls

No matter what, nothing prevents it from falling

Maybe the reason for that is the stress which naturally makes the situation worse (im not sure if its possible not to stress when you loose a lot of hair)

However for regrowth, i have realised using blackseed shampoo and oil help miraculously

I have to say it may not suit everyone, being from a asian ethnic background. . It suited me..

My hair started to grow really quickly, healthier and more shiny

This time around. . My hair fell in march/April time.. i didn't know i had lupus then

Now my hair is almost shoulder length which is a huge improvement for me..

I find its better to use oils or shampoos with less chemicals and for it to based on natural ingredients

I hope everyone suffering from hair loss can benefit from it..


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It could be a lot of things. There are auto-immune diseases that are not Lupus (the worst disease to get a diagnosis in as it is so complicated. Can take years of evidence of several symptoms that seem random). Report everythjing to your GP, even if you don't want to see them about it. The main things are joint pain, hairloss, skin irritation, but there are loads of other things which seem unrelated. Keep a diary of symptoms and you may see a pattern develop, including mood/stress levels/motivation).

If it seems cyclical as you suggest, could be hormones or anaemia. There's a noticable amount of hairloss after giving birth due to the changed hormone balance. Linked to this is anaemia. You may be getting a slight dip in your haemaglobin which may cause this. And stress does cause hairloss too. This is a simple blood test.

Good you've found some shampoo that helps. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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I am glad that it has worked for you as i know how hair is important to peoples identity and losing hair must have been hard as Asians have nice jet black hair in general. Good for you that it has worked for you and i think that it is nice of you to let people know the solution that you found Good Luck and Best Wishes. Poohbear'


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