Hello everyone, I have literally just discovered this site, and don't really know what to expect from it. However, I am in constant pain and feel quite down at the moment. I have trouble with 3 vertebrae in my back plus arthritis, my neck has fused in the upright position instead of having a curvature to it, I have arthritis in mt hands and then I have fibromyalgia.

I am on pregabalin 150 ml twice a day, it helps a little, but I am very moody, tearful, and have put on a lot of weight after only two months of taking it. I am seriously thinking of coming off of it, but my dr just says...choice...pain, or weight! Is this what anybody else has been told?

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  • Hi welcome to the site bit sorry you had need to find it! Have you been to a pain clinic if not ask your doctor to refer you to one.Not very helpful of uour doc to just say that.I take pregablin too and have put on a bit of weight but mostly fluid retention. Thete are other medivations to try have you tried any others. Gabapentin is similar to pregablin but some dont find it as good.Have you tried a TENS machine? It is understandable that you feel low when you are in pain most of us feel that way sometimes. Have you tried amytriptalene( not sure on spelling). I am unable to take it but others find it helps.Hope to hear back from you, take care x

  • Hello Kim, thank you for replying, I used to have gabapentin , and yes I have been on amatriptylene ( can't spell that either) but to no avail. Is this all the choice we have do you know? I used to borrow my daughters tens machine, maybe I should look Into getting my own and try that out as you suggested. My doctor says a pain clinic is not for me, as I have other issues such as my back and neck, I feel he doesn't believe in fibromyalgia, and thinks it's all in the mind. I could be wrong but what other reason would he have for not referring me? Can they help?

    It is so nice to know someone else understands how I am feeling, thank you Kim.

  • Gasp - all in the mind? Get a new doctor - fast.

    What else are you on for pain relief? or is that all?

    Of course you are tearful with so much pain and problems, and seemingly your GP has little or no understanding of the effects of spinal damage/decay, arthritis or how to actually listen!

    Catch 22, fibromyalgia used to be called lumbago but it was deemed to be rather commonplace so the name gradually changed but not so the medics opinions of it. It can be bl**dy agony. However, if the othopods call any chronic problems fibro they can ship the patient back to the GP however complex the whole body picture/suffering is. They are only active when surgery is called for.

    Have you been offered any physio or chiro for your back?

    If (like me) you tend to end up getting flustered or tearful at appointments, take someone calm and positive with you to get some balance. If need be write out a very concise list of your needs/problems and then he (betcha it is) has to address each item with a specific reply. Good luck

  • Run, don't walk, to a new doctor! Your instincts are probably correct about this one + he is obviously irresponsible since his options are one medicine or none. New primary care & pain management too!

  • Hi Joan, can see you have had lots of help and advice since we 'spoke' last.Do let us know how you go on ,, hugs kim x

  • Hello Kim, yes of course I will. I have a lot of pain at the moment, so it's nice to hear from you.. Think I overdone the walking today....silly girl! xx

  • Rest up tomorrow to make up for it x

  • Welcome to the site. There are lots of posts on here about the horrible effects of lyrica. I couldn't tolerate it either. It doesn't matter if you have several pains you should be referred to the pain clinic as they specialise in pain and I went and I have pain in 4 places. Demand a referral or see another gp x

  • Ask around your neighbourhood and friends. Find a new GP. There is little point in someone with serious lifetime health issues relying on a GP who doesn't believe the patient nor want to help them. Rib

  • Thank you so much rib, sharelle, heorte, for your understanding , comments and advice, believe me I will take them all on board. No, I have not been offered physio or anything for my back, not sure I can have anything because it us degenerative, all the jelly stuff is leaking out and pressing on my spine, which causes not only a great deal of pain, but spasms also, I sometimes walk around the supermarket, or in the street quite happily, and the spasm strikes, and I yell out, but it lasts just seconds, but can happen once or many times in a row

    . No other pain relief just pregabalin. Good idea about writing things down when going to the doctor...will do that.

    He said that if I go to the pain clinic, I will allow it to take over my life because all I will be doing is focussing on the pain. Reminded me of my mother, she had the same thoughts...don't dwell on it, just deal with it and move on....not so easy to do is it?

  • Welcome to the site2720hoc, sorry you had the need to join us but you have taken the right steps in the circumstances you are in. My practice nurse says it is the fine line between controlling pain and accepting some side effects, which is what your GP is implying too. Or in simpler terms relief of pain sometimes out weighs the need to suffer side effects if that makes any sense. When in pain it is not always an option to exercise to control weight. But it is your choice if you decide to try a tablet change in the hope of finding one with less side effects for you as there are many painkillers available and what suits one may not suit another. Trial and error are the way towards managing your pain. Try any options, vitamin D helps some, tens machines, heat pads, physio, massage and even acupuncture. Even types of food make a difference to some peoples pain. I wish you every best wish in trying to get your pain to the lowest possible level.

  • Aah! Bless you for that! Yes, I think you are right in what you say, and I will do ask the dr. Asks and stick with it for now, but I will also ask to change if I feel the need later on. I understand what your nurse was telling you, and will take that on board. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply, it means a lot! Take care


  • That so called choice is a line of bull__ !!! There are MANY options to treating pain. I have cervical & lumbar injuries, fused neck, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, bilateral sciatica, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more. With multiple, complex pain issues you need to be treated by a pain management specialist. If the doc who told you that is a pain management specialist, find a new one! Much more important to me is your emotional state. is not out of the norm for pain sufferers to feel depressed. In fact, it is a known symptom of fibromyalgia. I don't know how you feel about it but you seriously need to see a counselor who deals with chronic pain. There are so many things to learn from a counselor that will truly help! For example, depression can warp our thinking & worsen our own depression. You can learn to check your thoughts & ease your depression. My heart & prayers are with you.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, but you make me feel humble when you have so much wrong with yourself, I feel bad as I should be grateful I do not have your problems, so it goes to show what a lovely person you must be. I do feel depressed and quite lonely with this sometimes, but since joining this site, you have all filled me with hope, so thank you.

    And I will consider a councillor, I promise xx

  • There is no reason to feel bad about less pain than another person. That is an unrealistic thought. (1) Your pain is very real & you are suffering. You have a God given right to want to feel better. (2) Having been a cardiac tech at major hospitals, I assure you that there was always someone hurting more or worse than me. I had to learn to feel bad FOR the person worse off. I also had to learn not to resent those with fewer problems than myself. Ya, that was shocking when I realized that was happening too! Ultimately, regardless of your empathy for another person, it is never appropriate to feel bad ABOUT ourselves for where we may fall on that crazy scale of pain. Comparisons just don't help us think clearly. Instead, I now focus on praising God in my own pain levels to determine if I have done anything to increase them (like cleaning the whole house in one day) or what can I do to decrease my pain (like stretching gently each day & practicing my biofeedback on the bad days). I am happy you will check out the counselor. Having someone to just talk about all your emotions with, who isn't involved in your daily life, is very emotionally stabilizing. In the meantime...keep writing here. You are not alone in your pain dear girl. You are not alone!

    Hugs sweet woman.

  • Hugs to you too xx I will keep talking on this page ....thank you x

  • Sweetheart it's a side effect of the medicine. There are many more meds to better help your pain. I'd go to a pain clinic and get accessed asap. Sometimes with certain meds the benefits don't out weight the side effects. Hope this helps. xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you so much, I will do that mitzi xx

  • This was posted elsewhere today and it's exactly what you should read to get your confidence back (and to suggest a running jump to a certain medic)

    I have similar to you top and bottom thirds of spine with arthritis nodules filling in the spaces and I will be stuck with chronic pain because I left things far too long, after all, 'it's only wear and tear' diagnosis delayed xrays and scans for several years. Now disabled.

    Are you on any arthritis meds?

    I do agree with Katie that quite often there are compromises between side effects and pain relief and I juggle living, activity, drugs and effects on a daily basis, never winning but usually feeling I have the upper hand over my enemy(pain).

    This may sound rather trite, but do try to keep busy; as many gentle physical things as you can manage during day and even if you are lying awake at night , have something to read, listen to or watch. It won't cure anything except help the time pass quicker. Also, you can show the gp you ARE trying to help yourself not "concentrate on pain"

    We're all there for you.

  • The doctor does not know what they are talking about. There are lots of things you can do. You just need to start hitting google.

    Alexander Technique will help with pain control. Yoga will help with pain control. Mindfulness and meditation will help with pain control.

    Be careful how you come off the pain meditation because you may get coming off side effects.

    Hope this helps

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