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Holiday pain

I went away with my hubby and granddaughter last week. But even before we went the night before I felt wretched, and could not get warm. Well I eventually finished packing and sorting my shed loads of medication to take away with me - to then sit on a ship for four hours (I actually fell asleep for some of it) whilst dosed with pain killers. arrived at our destination, the house had loads of stairs my heart sank. I managed to get up one flight by leaning on the wall. my hubby and granddaughter had to bring all the stuff in. I felt awful and my abdomen was really sore, up another flight of stairs to bathroom and took a look in the mirror; not a pretty sight, it was very swollen lumpy and red - I have cellulitis! And it's bad!. Told hubby and took my temp which was raised. What can I do, I am not in my own country (I am in England) After a restless and painful night, I got on my computer and searched for 'Walk in centres' found the nearest one and hubby drove me there. It was a spacious building and very modern and clean. I went to the reception and I asked if I could see someone as I had developed cellulitis and its very painful. Yhr lady was very nice asked my name and date of birth, then said "oh you are not on the system?" I apologised and said I did not live in the UK. then my hubby said look her up in her maiden name, and there I was, just update those details and we are good to go.

We sat in the waiting area. they had the walk in clinic and then across the hall was GP services and opposite that was things like podiatry, opticians and downstairs was the pharmacy, gosh it was really good. after about fifteen minutes I was called in. I saw a really nice Nurse, and she said I really should be in hospital, but I explained I am a health professional and I am on holiday. she agreed to give me some strong antibiotics and to promise if it did not improve or get worse must go to A&E, I dutifully promised. The antibiotics helped the condition (although they made me feel sick) I took them religiously. The cellulitis eased of but did not completely go and at the end of our holiday, I still had residual signs and symptoms. I was not looking forward to the four hour boat journey home. I arrived a my house rather tired, but the next morning i contacted my doctor and he told me it should have been a hospital jobby!. He gave me more antibiotics (the same) but half the dose just to make sure it gets it all, and if no better next week to call him. I do think it is slowly going but it will take its time and at least i am feeling better.

I was so very impressed by the walk in centre I would love to see one here, even when i told my doctor he said the same. All of the staff there were professional and helpful. the Nurse I seen was so kind and understanding - I cried. I can not praise them enough, that centre was lovely it had a calm atmosphere , it was clean and tidy. loads of information as to the services available, it had leaflets about health issues and copies of free health magazines, full disability areas/toilets/lifts. I was well impressed and i think i might try and push this idea onto our government as i think it would be an ideal opportunity to improve our health services here. Well Done NHS Merseyside.

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Hi so pleased you had a positive experience.We hear many a moan about the NHS so great to hear of a good experience! Get well soon x


Healthcare free to those who need it should be a marker for any civilised society. Our present government will sell it off a bit at a time. Of course it is not perfect and changes should be looked at- but not privatisation.


So glad you are on the mend. Very happy you found a place to take care of you, while away from home. Hope you keep improving sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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