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CRPS and shingles

Has anyone with crps had shingles ?

I am scared to death of getting shingles but I'm not old enough to get the vacine !

What do I do if I get it when I have crps, if I have all this burning terrible pain now what the hell would it be like if I got shingles as well.

Sorry for going on but I go see my GP on Tuesday and I'm trying to info before I go so I can get prepared just in case.

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Hello Chawner.

No I don't have experience of CRPS but in spite of not being old enough to have the shingles vaccine - could you share your concerns with your GP? Ask if, in light of your pain, he would agree to give you the jag?

Certainly worth a try.

Good Luck



That's exactly what I thought to, I just keep forgetting to ask my GP but this time I made an appointment just to ask these type of questions

Thank you Payton


I have a form of Shingles that means I get it repeatedly, many times a year.

I first had it as a 14 year old.

Have had RSD/CRPS for 22 years and am 41 now.

All I can say is that we have to cope with it like we do everything else ! And yes, I have had it on my RSD limb and I do have Post Hepetic Neuralgia as a result of my bouts of Shingles as well as many other disorders, so I am in a great deal of pain.

I can't offer any advice as it is something you might never get....not everyone does. You might be lucky ! And the inoculation doesn't guarantee you won't ever get it, like all inoculations it doesn't make you immune, it just means you might get a lesser dose if you were to contract the disease.

All I will say is, if you haven't had Chicken Pox, you won't get it at all !!


Hi Chawner,

I have long-lasting neuropathic pain originally caused by shingles when I was 27 (10 years ago). It turned into PHN but has since turned into my own neuropathic pain distribution beyond the original shingles area. I know of someone who had shingles when she was 25, then developed PHN and has since been diagnosed with CRPS. Neither of us has had (or is eligible for) the shingles vaccine. I personally think that the shingles vaccine would cause a rise in my nerve pain as it's a live vaccine. Whenever a cold virus is around, my nerve pain rises until; my immune system has taken hold and fending off the virus!

However, I know my shingles (only 2 spots/blisters!) was a result of prolonged stress and that, whatever the trigger, shingles is the result of a lowered immune system. So, my advice is to keep as healthy as you can. Eat well (plenty of fruit and vegetables, sensible alcohol), exercise when possible (depending on your CRPS), and try not to worry (try yoga, meditation or mindfulness). I also take multi-vitamins and minerals daily. Vitamin C and zinc are supposed to be good for your immune system.

Try not to worry. Just deal with the present and what is, what not might, or might never, be :-)

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Thank you for your reply it was very informative.

I agree with everything you said.

Thank you


You're welcome.


Just been to the Dr and asked about shingles vacine and they are sending me for a blood test to see if I carry the shingles gene . That is good news. I didn't no you could get tested . That's so easy and it will give me peace of mind.



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