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Meandering thought- I'm so used to being in constant pain, as I still haven't found a painkiller that works, (common in HMS apparently). it seems That the pain in my wrist, following tendon surgery yesterday, is bearable. I took co codamol yesterday, with anti sickness meds, but it just made me feel really sick! So I haven't taken anything since. Seems there's no point, since nothing works anyway. So have I inadvertently raised my pain threshold? I am in a lot of pain, in my wrist obviously, following surgery, but also in my ankle (the main site of my ongoing severe pain, for which no painkillers work!).

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  • Hi, I am wondering whether you have seen a physio about the ankle pain - I also have severe ankle pain and have been given some simple exercises which although not curing it altogether have made it a lot more manageable. I also find that even when the pain is there if I walk fairly fast (!) and get warm the pain does ease. I don't know whether either of these will help you but they will be worth a try. Do try co-codamol on its own again and if that still makes you sick then phone the local walk in centre as they may be able to suggest an alternative. Being in pain after an op is no joke and there are always alternative painkillers on prescription. Sue x

  • Trouble is no painkillers seem to work for me. The post surgery pain is no worse than the pain in my ankle, which is apparently due to compressed nerve. Waiting for an op on that now! Perhaps the gabapentin will work, without the awful side effects that lots of people seem to get from them. Waiting for pain clinic to send letter to GP, so I can get it prescribed.

  • A friend of mine has had a spinal cord stimulator for foot pain of uncertain origin, but so severe that he had not worked for over a year, he has had a wonderful result, I don't know if it is a possibility for you, also have you tried Tapentadol, it's reasonable new and you may find it suits you, but in answer to your other question,your body gets use to medication very quickly,that is why you usually have several different kinds of medication to help augment each one of them, my pain clinic suggests that once you have a severe pain for a long while, new pains are felt more acutely, so I'm not sure how yours is affecting you, I hope you get some resolution from chronic pain,it absolutely takes over your life.

  • I had trouble with pain killers and finally found one that helps me. Have you tried Opana ER ? Hope this helps sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you mitziblue. Its been suggested that I try gabapentin before morphine. My worst pain at the moment is nerve pain and I was told morphine probably wouldn't work, especially as tramadol doesn't work. So gabapentin is next according to the pain clinic. Thanks

  • i have arthritis in my ankle been fused sixtimes only thing that helps me is morphine solution.

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