Osteoarthritis??? Does it go away??

Got a letter today.back from London. Been holiday.. And the rumo I saw ages ago has wrote me a letter saying I've osteoarthritis?? DDD. Solisis?? Epidural scar damage. Very advanced for my age.to stay away from any more operation s.has last ones left my back very damaged.. To say I am sick is joke right now.got pain clinic Monday..I am not copeing at all!!my legs ahhhhh.my backs very sore and middle.feels like a tight band on my right hip that makes that's horrible noise.. Were to go now??I not can't cope much more I've been messest around with not far..help.will this get.worse..I wasn't born with on hip up to other..my husband said my shoulder was sticking out..I feel very well don't want no one too see me..why me

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  • I am so very sorry you are struggling so! I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Osteoarthritis doesn't go away. Its the wear and tear on joints we all get from the age of about thirty, ditto DDD. Some of us have more degeneration but less pain. Some have less degeneration but more pain. Crazy world! Scoliosis can also vary from mild to severe. Its common between the shoulders and used to be unflatteringly called "Dowagers Hump". I don't know about your damaging surgery. What did you have? Would a second neurosurgical opinion help? Your Pain Clinic will help with all this. Best wishes.

  • Hi calceolaria.. I've suffered back and ribb pain since 23. Turned 30 .got real bad.told by spine care had spine of a 60 year old..??still now I don't understand why..I wake up every night cry out when turn in night due to pain..my upper half is worse..neurosurgery guy said this arthritis def didn't happen over night and had to be very carefully??what is ment by this??think now I am pleased didn't have 2 and back operation in April.although I knew will have. To .has getting bad pain.he also wrote to my gp saying its very advanced for my age..I would love to go to gym get fit..any one knew if this is OK??if so I will do it.sick of being stuck in a bubble of should I could l..I am getting a bit paranoid about my back.in case it gets worse.its OK being told this and that but no ones said..gp..rumo that is why I be it and now to get on my way to getting bit better..do you knew could this twisted spine be causing my ribb pain ???

  • Doctors do say some very stupid things. Some of them. What's wrong with a sixty year old spine? I'd settle for that! It depends on the sixty year old! I'm 66 so I suppose a sixty year old spine would be an improvement? At sixty I was flying about like a thirty year old so its all nonsense, making that kind of statement. It just frightens people and I believe that his tenses muscles so more pain!

    I don't know what the rheumatologist said should be carefully becausevyou didn't say. Carefully monitored? Carefully managed? Some of the stuff you are bothered about you need to forget, like ancient history to do with your back. It happened, itsvunfortunate, it can't be changed, let's look to the future with Pain Management. You can make a life with pain, a decent enough life in many instances that you see on this site. Good luck!

  • Hi calceolaria.. Thanksxxi knew even my own doctor said 8 year ago!!fancy telling you that!!its stuck in my head!!now 9 years have gone by..and I am way worse..I am better in self.in cleaning mood..I've kids youngest 10.. He's ADHD keeps us going!!if ever out and see a few people looking in a mothers way and he's kid is screaming hitting or doing something dangerous.? That's us..been away for 3 week..had few funny looks..I surpose ...knew he's hard work really mentally too.keeps us going..my other half got very ill he's blood pressure was over 200... Nurse never saw that high..yep kids love them... Xxxxi knew what mean by life's what make it..I need some pain meds that work..all these different gp.. Physios etc all tell me different..I do .do my best..when feel run down .so far pull my self back up..even when can't move.xxx

  • You have very similar back problems to others on the board. You don't have anything sinister and no inflammatory conditions. You don't have fibro. You have a lot of pain and you know when and how you make it worse. Your personal life is very tense with lots of hard work and your family history from your girlhood has been extrenemly stressful ( you see, we do take notice on here!). If your own doctor told you that the spine centre was talking rubbish - why have you clung on to this for eight years? You need to try and ask yourself some hard questions and see if you could possibly consider some counselling. Your GP can arrange. The pain clinic might advise on this as CBT can help a lot if we continually end up in the same stressful anxious situation. But you have to be ready to do this in your head. Sorry, CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and it often takes the form of working through work sheets, its not psycho analysis, it aims to help you in the here and now, not digging up the past. Ask about it. You would need to be assessed to ensure it would help. Alongside this, make sure Pain Clinic addresses your needs with medication OR think about the suggestions people like Zanna make regarding an alternative approach to managing your own pain.

    I hope you are getting professional help with your child's needs and a frank discussion with your partner and children about them supporting you is probably needed but be specific as yo what will help you best. Do not feel the need to do everything. Your needs deserve to be met too. Best wishes. Mary.

  • Hi calceolaria.. Thanks..no mean it..it brought a tear to me that you no about me or took in things I've been though!! Dive been though a lot..and family.. Life is hard.no one helps I get very down.I've had crap load life up till I left home at 15..I get depression on and off..but always pull my self back to my feet..my other half don't help at all..kids don't..I've only my 90 year old grand parents as ffamily now..and no one to talk to..all friends I had over years from work never see never text ring..feel very alone..don't feel l have a gp I can talk too..I was told by that rumo she has put fribo in letter..although I had no pressure points!!!I don't understand that!!!???with dizziness..numbness in arms fingers etc..but that to me could be my back??and dizzness came on few month after my dad died!!??? See my prop too many GPS etc told me so many different things..I worried what happens to my boys if I don't wake up..that's biggest reason I never went for that op in April.. I was very nurve vs...xxxxi will ask for help at this new pain clinic..xwill let knew how get on ?if no joy I will give up!!xxlouise x

  • Never give up Louise. You owe it to yourself to have a life. It might be a life that includes pain but it can also be the start of something new and better in a way. You are able to see the things that affect you badly and if you can change even one single thing, then that will change other things too. Take the opportunity to make the rest of your life better in some way, don't be a prisoner to your past or your present. Tomorrow is a new day.

  • Hi Louiseamos, Osteoarthritis does not go away or any other arthritis for that matter. However it is possible to improve the mobility and pain with joint strengthening exercises. You need a physio to advise on that and you need to take it slowly don't over do it or it will give you more pain. The saying is use it or lose it. Can't answer the why me question, guess everyone asks that one. Mine (arthritis) is hereditary so that's why me. Maybe yours is only you can find that out by asking questions. Hope the pain clinic helps. Bye for now

  • Hi katieoxo60.. Thanks..I've and haven't can't stop//:-) :-) has 3 kids other half is like a kid..I do all cleaning.cooking.washing etc..and up till few month ago working too on top..I knew if hoover full house I will feel it next day.youngest has ADHD and austim so can't if want to rest..I need a breck..school hoil s are worse.I hope pain clinic helps.been before few times with no out come!!how I knew I've more problem s then before ???never knew???thanksxxxxx

  • Hi Louise,

    I think you are doing very well to cope with all the housework and your children, and a child with ADHD and autism is very demanding of your time and energy, so I think you should be applauded for all that you are managing to do. I do hope and pray that you will get more help from the pain clinic - and is your child on any medication to help the condition? I am sorry about your other half having such high blood pressure, I hope he is on medication for it.

    I am sure everyone on here sends you much love and best wishes.

    Chrissy xx

  • Hi chriswinkle.. No he's not on meds. Tryed when younger when really couldn't sit still.at time was only told ADHD. And its good they don't just label kids.he's was 8.. Oldest was 12... Yes my other half is on meds.took 2 month to get him OK..its been stress full last 2 year..I am hopeing he's copes at big school..he's had a one to one at hip all day at last school..at one point he went to 3 different schools.has no one could cope with him..he is hard work..but never give up on him..thanks..for your lovely surport xxxhopeing this different pain clinic helps..xkeep in touch

  • osteoarthritis can be diagnosed if certain criteria are met. However treatment for osteoarthritis often ignores muscle function.

    Muscle function becomes less efficient as you get older. You have a choice take up something like Yoga, T'ai Chi or Alexander technique to help with muscle function or rely on pain killers which are not very helpful in preventing the progress of the disease.

    Hope this helps.

  • Johnsmith..yes I had apptment with a lady who does Alexander tec.. I am contacting her after been pain clinic..yep more different doctors telling me different stuff..I don't want meds.I think if physio hadn't frecked me out would of went..yes I get loads muscle pains .and bone.pain..I don't want to be on rest last life..thanks it was you who said about Alexander in first place made me look in to it!!lucky there's one just few mikes away all best:-) :-)

  • Please google Vit D3 and Vit K2, which apparently help prevent bone loss and may even reverse it to a degree. I believe that magnesium and Calcium work together, but I think there are important ratios, so you would need to research. I also believe that you would need to take K2 with fat as it's a fat soluble vitamin.

  • Hi Dorris 59.. Thanks will look it up..I did take some tablets that my husbun got me.but gave me heartburn.. I've never had a test for bone test etc.?although my feet have gone in !and my hands sometimes like pull in ?!knew sounds strange but its like my muscle s are pulling my toes fingers in!!its worse when in water or its cold..I need some good vits looking upxcheers.louise

  • Only take vit D3 or any vitamin if you are found to have a deficiency. A good diet is the best way to absorb vitamins, the body is constructed to break food down properly. Or even sunlight for vit D. New evidence is that vitamin D, even vitamin D3, can adversely affect kidney function if the body already has enough. Maybe top ups in the winter but its best to be tested. If you have enough, enough is enough!

  • Only take vit D3 or any vitamin if you are found to have a deficiency. A good diet is the best way to absorb vitamins, the body is constructed to break food down properly. Or even sunlight for vit D. New evidence is that vitamin D, even vitamin D3, can adversely affect kidney function if the body already has enough. Maybe top ups in the winter but its best to be tested. If you have enough, enough is enough!

  • Hi louiseamos, I am sad that you are having such difficulties. Osteoarthritis does not go away but you will get periods of remission when the pain is not as bad as it can be at other times. Exercise is supposed to be good but not when you have inflammation. You can take ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation but stick to the dose allowed or you could harm yourself. The pain clinic will advise you . I can only speak from experience. The 'curling up of your fingers etc., is because the ligaments are affected and tighten. Careful stretching of hands, legs etc., can help with this - just as you would when you first wake up. Hope this helps.

  • I know that the chronically ill, the elderly or people who just don't get out in the sun are more prone to Vit D deficiency. Too much of course is bad, because Vit D is stored in the liver, but might be worth looking at this article, or doing your own research from reputable sources. Vit K2 is also worth a look and of course a good diet is the best way of providing it. I don't know if you fall into any of the categories above or not, but just in case I thought it might be worth a mention.

  • Here the link to the article


  • is osteoarthritis ddd ?? i thought it was diff

  • Trudy165... So did I..think it was different.. No ones ever said it was same... No gp any way

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