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Holiday is tiring!

So I'm on holiday from work this week, thinking Id recharge. It's gorgeous weather, very lucky, but my family keep wanting to do things, & I don't want to miss out! So my foot hurts so so much more, I've pulled my shoulder from the crutches, my other ankle is getting wreaked from trying to walk much further than usual, & I'm trying hard to stay positive, even tho I'm holding everyone up, they have to make allowances in what we decide to do, and it's all still too hard for me. I'm going to need a holiday after my holiday!

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Oh Rowan that's not good. Can you maybe find a wheelchair to use? It may just give you the rest and extra mobility you need.

Maybe also tell the others how the extra activity is really affecting you. Plan a day where they can go off and do things while you sit in the sun - beach, swimming pool, gardens etc.

I found planning my holiday well before going, google mapping the area, locating cafes and toilets, getting everyone together and deciding what to do, planning an itinery, with plenty of rest in the day and bad weather alternatives. If they wanted to do something that was beyond me, I found something else to do on my own.

It's not a case of you keeping up with them, it's a case of them accommodating you. It's also you being very realistic about what you can do, and telling the others when enough is enough.

As for missing out, it happens when you become less active. So you have to find things to do that include sitting down. Many places now have arts and crafts centres, maybe try them. Or make your own up with some paper and pencils. Beach combing and building things from findings, forest hunting - different leaves, stones, sticks etc.

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it took me a long time to admit it but use a wheelchair , we now go for longer walks , and more places

you will soon feel ok about it ,


zanna is sooo right, and if you have children, they'll enjoy the pushing, so it's a sharing/caring game.

(and if they are teens, then bribe them by being able to pay for the first round :)


Happy holiday rowantree

I notice that you have teenage lads. Are you sure you family haven't been devising things that they think you would enjoy. Have you sat down over a burger and told them how you feel.

Hurry up. There is not much week left. Hope you find a way to navigate everyone's expectations without carrying guilt. Easier said than done. For years and years I really thought that I was responsible for everyone's happiness. Only child for years and dysfunctional family syndrome. But do you know what it is so liberating to realise we are all responsible for our own good feel good factor.

It was such a shock to the family when I had the lightbulb moment. And me mother still can't accept it. If it wasn't so frustrating it would be funny.

Can't everyone go off and have a nice time doing thier ownthing sending each other pics via mobile phone off fun and frolics and you could do your thing.

Failing that throw a sickie next week and retire to bed for the week, you will need it.



I have also realized that my next visit to my daughter in London, I will have to use a wheelchair if we want to enjoy a day out. I have four, very active grandkids. I am now on a mission to see if I can hire one while I am there. Enjoy your time off and relax as much as you can while in " transit". Ann


Use shop mobility superannie. They're great & cheap. Thanks everyone, for the suggestions. My family have all been great. My problem is that i don't want to miss out on the fun they will have! So I do it too, after a fashion! Then suffer afterwards. But that's ok, it's been worth it. And in having a hand op tomorrow so have to stop. So my shoulder will recover cos I won't be able to use that hand. My foot might not tho.


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