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Pain is worse then ever

I have not been on here for awhile. Since my last post i have been thru 2 surgeries to remove a tumor from my uterus. I have finally been diagnosed with Ibs, gastritis and fibromyalgia and the pain has gotten worse. They have prescribed Lyrica and dicyclomine and lost of exercise. The Lyrica does not work and exercising makes the pain worse i am trying my best to stay strong. It is so hard my husband is not very supportive i feel like he still does not believe me. I don't really have anyone to talk to about how i am feeling. I get really depressed at times and just feel like giving up. I honestly don't know how i pull myself out of bed every day. I work 9 hours a day and come home and be a wife and mother. And the entire time i am in unbearable pain. I do not know how much longer i can deal with this.

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Hi inpain31 u need to go back to u gp and tell him that the lyrica is not working and u are still in a lot of pain, I know how u feel my partner is the same she dose not help me I suffer with CRPS and I am in pain all of the time. There loads off people on this site that are in the same way so don't worry about having a good old moan because their is all ways some one to talk too

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Thank you for the kind words. I have called to go back to the doc. I'm not sure what to do about the meds as i have tried so many things. But I'm going to keep trying. It's always nice to vent. Thank you for listening and i hope all is well.

Patricia :)


I agree yogibe


First off I want to send you HUGE hugs....

I think you are being fabulously brave and you wont believe it, but strong. ...

I think you need to get your husband to go to a doctors appointment with you, so the doctor can explain what is going on with you..Id ask the doctor in advance to help explain your condition to him. Id also download information on your conditions and leave it near his chair/bedside.. The more information he has hopefully he will become supportive..

IBS can be horrific for pain. However their are various medications that can help with the cramps and spasms that it can cause. It may help with your other conditions. Also If possible try and be careful how much fibre you eat. . Both my daughter and myself suffer from IBS and its a fine balancing act.. Certain Carbs arent great either, thats iny experience... Try and keep a food and pain diary to see what irritates you...

I really think beyond that, you need to go back to your doctor.. If you have pain post surgery your doctor should be helping you more..

I hope you get the support you need and your pain managed..

Keep strong and good luck...x

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We've got 3 generations of IBS sufferers. My grandson has been helped to control his through not having processed meat and too much sugar. He has Migraine IBS . Pretty grim for a 10 year old. My daughter finds meditation and less sugar helps and for me its regular exercise ( walking mostly) and no fried food. We all take medication if it gets bad . Emotional stress is bad for all of us.

So trial and error is the suggestion. Triggers are different for everyone. It is such a painful and overwhelming problem . Good luck with finding what works for you but keeping a diary of food and activities and just what's going on in your life together with how the IBS manifests itself is very useful.


I was so sad to read your post .... It often seems that everybody has wonderfully supportive partners but that is often far from the truth. My partner has good and bad days with me and I think it's just a lack of understanding and sometimes it gets too much for them too. I think the advice previously given to take him along to your next appointment is good advice - he may need some form of councilling too to offload, educate himself and in time be more of a support for you? Saying that, you must not think that you are unimportant or your pain and mental stress doesn't matter IT DOES! You live with this every day and still manage to be a wife and mother and that is true bravery. I really do hope you find a way to control your pain and just take one day at a time. You have been through so much it's no wonder you are feeling low so allow for those days and come out fighting tomorrow. I hope these are not empty words to you as they are meant with the best intentions and wishes. Try to keep going and if you can find a way to make your partner understand it may just take the edge off things to allow you to carry on. Ask him to read your post here and the replies but remember that he is only human too and sometimes he might switch off from you as it hurts him so much to see you like this and he feels powerless - I know this is the case with my partner. Talk to each other openly be prepared to hear and speak some difficult truths but hopefully you will realise you are both on the same side. Good luck and warm wishes Tx


A couple of things have helped me: First, for the IBS and gastritis - I use Gaviscon over the counter that helps more than anything else to prevent the cramps and in my case, explosive diarrhea. I also take Bentyl, an antispasmotic, as I have a spastic colon.

Re: The fibromyalgia. I have learned that as soon as I take the medication (in my case Tylenol #4), I immediately get into a warm bath and relax. (This is the first pain of the day. Of course, you can't stop work and get in the bathrub, but this sets in motion a relaxed start to the day.) I also have had biofeedback therapy which helps a lot because it taught me to be able to control the contribution my stress makes to the pain. Much of my suffering was being caused by me becoming tense and agitated as soon as I experienced pain. Learning how to progressively relax my muscles has resulted in about a 70% decrease in my daily pain. I still have pain but it is bearable without heavy drug use. If you are experiencing pain from exercise, it is the wrong kind of exercise. A physical therapist may be able to devise a plan for you that stretches muscles in the right way and gives you flexibility without causing pain or stiffness to develop.


You need to see your GP and discuss your medications. If you are still under the hospital you could possibly discuss all there.

With regard your husband it may be an idea to take Him along as well and they could explain your problems.

Whatever you decide it is important that you discuss your problems at least in Surgery.

Get your husband too help you as well



Hi, I just had to reply to you to say please don't give up. I also have had surgeries and have been left with nerve pain and fibro. Everyday is a struggle at the moment. After 4 years of chronic pain its wearing me down. But everytime I am at my lowest I think of my daughter, and hang in there because tomorrow might be an easier day. I felt the same way as you yesterday and today its like the fog has cleared and I feel a bit better again.

When I was diagnosed with fibro I took my partner along and the rheumy told him very clearly that this isn't in my head and I would needs lots of help and support. If he hadn't gone to that appointment I'm not sure I could of explained it properly to him. There's nothing like hearing it from a medical professional to make people take it seriously. I would definitely call the GP tomorrow and say you need an appointment. Take your partner along and explain your pain is unbearable.

From what I can gather it is trial and error with fibro meds and everyone is different. Its a case of working your way through them (thats what I'm trying to do at the moment although my GP doesn't seem to know a thing!). I am on amitriptyline and increasing the dosage today has helped. If Lyrica isn't helping it may be too low a dose or you could try gabapentin which does a similar thing but suits some people better. There's also duloxetine and lots of other drugs to try so please don't give up hope.

Have you been referred to the pain clinic? they are the best people to deal with this rather than a GP, they have little training in chronic pain and fibro. I am doing a pain management course and its really good, there are lots of things to try.

I too have a child to look after which is really hard if you can hardly get out of bed, I think you are doing brilliantly well working and carrying on as you are. There are people out there who know how you feel, support groups are well worth going to, you are not alone.

Pushing through the pain doesn't work with fibro and will end up making things worse. I was told to exercise but it has to be the right kind and building up slowly. You need rest, listen to your body.

I hope some of that helps, its a long reply because I know exactly how you feel. There's a fibro group on here with lots of helpful people and advice. If theres anything I can do the get in touch - big hugs xxxxxxx

P.S. Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? they seem to be low with fibro


Thank you all for your kind words and advice. Its nice to know i have you all to talk to. I wish i could get my husband to go to the doctor with me but won't he went with me once but refused to go in the room with me. I am trying my hardest to stay strong. I cried reading a couple of comments left for me. Because it just felt so good to know i am not alone and you all support each other so much on this site there is never judgements just help and understanding. I have tried to make an appointment with my doctor but be is out for the next 4weeks. Unbelievable and it will be a week before i can get into see anyone else. There has to be a better way to this under control right? . Well thank you all. Big hugs to each of you. I hope everything is going well for all of you. Stay strong



Just to let you know your not on your own their are days when I'm really in pain but sometimes it isn't

that bad I suppose I'm lucky I do have a breather from it at times

I'm going to try a little exercise like yoga so wish luck and hope you find something you can do to something to ease your pain x


Spoon39 I used to suffer with ibs many years ago had the camera etc nothing showed up the doctor told me to drink the small actimil drinks I have one every day and thank god I have no problem now


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