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My next exciting procedure I have to look forward to is a Nerve Root Block in the left side of my spine. I would love to hear about any one else's experiences with a NRB and if it helped. I have fibromyalgia so I'm anxious about the Nerve being touched and how it will react. Tell me your worse...!

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  • Hiya! My experience wasn't great, as the injection failed so I don't really have any information I can give you.

  • Hi. I think I am having something similar done on Thursday this week, together with a set of Facet Joint injections ... cervical spine.

    I promise to be truthful and will write a detailed report and post it as soon as I can.

    My member name is Saffy1999 so please look out for it. X

  • Please look up a few key words

    Facet Joint Injections


    Arachnoiditis a horrific condition caused by Medical Error

    Epidural Steroid Injections


    Please these needles can leave you with life long Intractable Pain that you can not imagine

  • Every procedure has it's risks and I already suffer from these symptoms, including fibromyalgia so I am informed and have chosen to take the risk.

  • Be very certain that you are making an "INFORMED DECISION")

    Spinal Injections and Medical Harm

    I can not in good faith implore you to do some very basic research

    Arachnoiditis - causes

    Needles "accidentally"puncture rhe durable

    ANY over anxious Doctor to give these wonderful things ?

    Stay far far away

    Trust me Please

  • I had a root block last December, it wasn't too painful, but sadly it didn't help at all. They don't put the injection right into the nerve, it's put into the space close to it.....Good lick with yours, hope it helps you.

  • And the slightest teenie weenie opps and your done!

    This my friends is serious stuff!

    Type in a few key words

    Arachnoiditis IS a growing Epidemic

    Epidural Steroid Injections and Medical Harm

    DO it. Look it up

    BEFORE you make a decision

    You can be put into LIFE LONG AGONY

    There is NO CURE

  • It's a case that the procedure works really well for some and not so well for others. For me I only got a couple of days of relief, retried with the same result. I really hope that it works for you though


  • Please

    Look up key words

    Nerve blocks = Epidural Steroid Injections

    Arachnoiditis - medical errors



  • I certainly will, but I'm desperate and ready to try anything.

    My Doctor did facet joint nerve ablation on my lumbar spine in December ... sadly not successful, but he didn't harm me, so I do trust him completely.

  • HelloHelloHello

    Thank you for your concern but leaving 5 negative and repetitive messages on this thread is excessive. I have researched all of the risks and I have made an informed decision about MY body. I have got a Pain Management Consultant that I trust and I have to try something. If you do not have some thing different to add then please leave it alone.

  • Will do

  • Fed up and fearful

    If you do like what I have in good faith to warn about so others don't have to suffer because they choose to research, or motel, just skip by my reply and don't bother. You nor anyone else here is being forced to hear or listen to what has been an horrific road to travel after Epidural Steroid Injections.

  • * my apologies

    Do *not

  • Hiya I had rnb about 3 months ago now for bottom of back which had no affect for me so I got them to give me an MRI which I'm still waiting for results 3 wks later, I won't lie it's very uncomfortable wen they do touch the nerve but u no u have to bear it, they will stop for a sec if it's to uncomfortable, I have a really good pain threshold it was just the fact of having to stay still for me, hope this helped a little x

  • I have x2 Root Nerve Injections into my spine at L5/S1 they have both worked very well.

    The first relived some of pain, it meant I could walk again though the pain was still there, I had 2nd one in December 2016, I didn't get the full benefit of it until mid January I would say, where it helped free up my back so I could really hit the physical therapy with a vengeance.

    It isn't totally healed, the latest scan showed it has healed a bit is carrying on to do so, I escaped spinal surgery, I really suggest you don't have it unless it is the only option left, as in risking permeant nerve damage.

    My meds & not doing sod all for 18 months has meant I now need to lose 14KG. However I think I can now manage without meds, especially after a pain management course, so I'm starting to drop down slowly off them. I don't care what the doctors say about it, I'm doing it!

    Just make sure your sedated when you have it done, you have to awake for them do it. I was so high with sedation I don't even remember it happening! I'd have done, of course there is a risk with any surgery but my consultant happens to be good, so I'm lucky.

    Hope it goes well.

  • Hi there, I hope I can add a positive note here for you. I had a microdiscectomy at L4/L5 last year which had to be redone in October. While waiting for my operation I chose as you have to try the nerve root block. My experience was very positive. Everything was explained to me before and during the procedure which apart from the first local anaesthetic nipping a bit was painles. I had very good pain relief within two weeks, so good infact that I needed to keep reminding myself I still had the herniated disc. Please try to ignore the negative responses you have had and do what you have decided to do. I hope my post has helped you. Good luck xx

  • Thank you for your response, it is good to hear a positive reply but I guess a lot of people wouldn't be here if they had all received successful treatment.

    Best wishes

  • You also have believe in it, do you see what I mean? You have to go through this with a positive mind, you have do exactly what they tell you do, they don't tell it you for fun, or cause they get paid by the word!

    As I have said, please don't have spin surgery my consultant & treating people believe it was the chemicals leaking from disk that more than likely cause the problem. Have the injection, do a course of hydrotherapy, then start moving. It will heal mine isn't perfect yet, though it will get better so will yours.

    Good luck!

  • Yeah I'm a big believer in positive thinking, at the moment I'm pretty terrified though. It is difficult. Best wishes.

  • So am I! It is the hardest thing for me to get my head around. My rehab now is all based around changing how I think about pain, I got into a negative downward spiral, now I can just about see the sunshine. Your on a journey my friend, I can't advise more than I have as it is your journey your treating people are they as guides as we are here.

    It is up to you what kind of journey you go, how it goes. I almost got addicted to alcohol & weed cause I was in some much pain. Luckily I have pulled myself out of it, look this shit ain't easy I have to control my urges & emotions they need & want for drugs.

    Talk to your family, talk to your friends, engage in CBT therapy it will help, you will make it happen.

    Get your Parasympathetic nervous system fired up, you need to change over to your body working in that state.

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