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well i have decided to go to doctors as with all what has and is going on with my back problem and work i am getting down not so much crying all time more snappy and no motivation.

I on on what they call redeployment at work due to the occ health gp saying i no longer fit for the post i am employed in. If they were able to make changes to the role for long term i would be fine but its not possible. My work gives me 12 weeks in which time hopfuly they will be able to re post me to a more suitable position if not i am given one weeks pay for each year up to 12 years of service in severance pay.

So i am feeling rather worthless i have been off work for 10weeks since having my facet joint injections and i could remain off till the end of the redeployment period which ends 4/7/2014 but gone back to do light duties just to help them and me.

Doctor had me on amitriptyline but now i am going onto Lofepramine which should help the depression and also might do the same for nerve pain if taken at night.

going back to have some more injections next moth to help the nerve pain from the bulging discs too

some times i just feel so worth less and fed up with all this pain and stiffness i try to do as much as i can but when in pain exercise is the last thing on my list

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Our Pain Management programme taught us, "We are more than the sweat on our brow" - ie, we must not value ourselves only on our ability to work. Easy to say, I know, but worth spending some time thinking about.


Very very true but unfortunately the gov doesn't endorse this.

Pat x

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I'm retired now Pat but the concept also includes unpaid work - how much I pressurise myself to do certain things which I feel justify my existence almost.


Sorry you are having such a rotten time of it prim50.Is there no surgery for your back to help eith the bulging discs. ? Have you tried pregablin for the nerve pain, I found it much better than gabapentin .Do you take painķillers?


thank you for your reply yes i have tried both pregabilin and gabapentine neither agreed with me hence going for the injections. I take co codemal 15/500 when pain is at its worst and the rest of time paracetamol helps keep it at bay. i am also going to physio and do reg muscle strengthening exercises and stretches too.

These latest tablets are to try and help with how i feel in myself which in a word is crap. I am only two days into taking them and at mo i feel rather fuzzy in a morning either when i am taking them early eve go back to docs in two weeks. Have a bit of a floating feeling in a sense thats not too bad



You seem to be at a turning point in your work place hopefully further medications could help to calm your condition.

The position you find yourself in happened to me twenty six years ago and I was retired on ill health grounds. Life does not need to stop when you suffer a spinal injury all it means is you look into different interests and further oppurtunities will rise up and you will need to jump to catch these as they pass by.

With luck it seems that your employer has tried to keep you in employment, you may find that their may be a further way forward there and that could be the making of you when these further chances arise.

Try and remain positive, I know it is hard although we all need to look for any further chances that will challenge jaded outlooks

Good Luck



You are not worthless.

I have recently worn the depression cloak (and am still trying to overcome it) but things get better.

Exercise might feel very difficult but no one expects you to go on a 10K run - just getting up and moving around the house is better than sitting.

I really do hope you feel better soon.


well just another stab in the back went about a different job through redeployment and the manager said she didnt reaaly fel it was suitable as be sat down at a desk in a office or at a reception desk for 5 hours a day


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