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UPDATE: A caring nurse is worth a whole medical centre of GPs!

Since my last post i have had some very up and down days. My pain relief from acupuncture lasted about a day and a half, and is the beginning of a path i am determined to follow. I will be having more next Tuesday before i go away on Wednesday, and i am looking forward to it.

I phoned the GP and suggested that i have a pain Clinic referral (again) as i know i probably only have another 4 sessions on the NHS, and as my GP is relying on my last MRI scan results to give me that referral i requested that they chase them up (again). i will ring again today. i am ringing every week on the same day to give them chance to do this. it has now been eight weeks.

I have had a few nights with very severe pain, even in my sleep "throne", so i have modified it. my feet and legs were getting progressively swollen every day, and this was adding to my discomfort. I have worked out a way to raise my legs SLIGHTLY and this has helped a lot. I bought a very cheap recliner (£10 off ebay...bargain!), and tried that, but my sciatica isn't ready to have my legs so raised yet, so i will save it for better days.


For seven months, since the start of my most severe back pains, i have bladder incontinence, which every single GP i have seen has completely ignored. i have been literally LIED to by the doctors secretary ("yes, i can see its in the pipeline, you will receive a referral soon" two months ago) and i have double checked and confirmed i will be able to see someone regarding this EVERY TIME i had an appointment. A month ago the OT connected me to a lady from Age UK who, on discovering no referral had been made, did it herself. And on Monday an incontinence nurse came to visit me at home. this amazing, caring, knowledgeable nurse listened for two hours to my history, and after assessing me and scanning my bladder, promised me that not only would she be giving me some proper effective continence aids, but she would write to "my" GP (the one allocated for me whom i have actually never met) and recommend a specialist in a hospital out of my area who she knows would not only be interested in my case, but would deal with it urgently and empathetically. HOPE!

Half an hour after she left she phoned me. She told me she had actually gone into the surgery and asked to see the GP herself. She had told the Gp she was very troubled that i had been left to suffer and cope without support for so long, despite my repeated attempts to seek help. The GP checked my records. I was HORRIFIED to learn that she told the Nurse i have NO record of any continence issues or requests for referral etc!!!! How can this be? What the HELL is going on? my records are totally incomplete. If i hadn't helped myself via the OT I would still be waiting under the illusion that i would receive a Continence referral! I truly am shocked by this, and SO was the nurse. She was more so because I DIDN'T NEED THE GP TO REFER ME! i could have done it myself! Not ONE of those Drs has told me this. i am really angry.

The NEXT morning a letter from the surgery arrived asking me to book myself an appointment with the specialist the Nurse recommended at the other hospital. FABULOUS! the nurse told me to make an appt with the GP she had spoken to, which i have done. I will discuss this inaccuracy in my records, and explain that i am making an application for PIP and rely on her support with evidence of my medical history, so it is vital that my records are kept accurately and updated at every appointment. I will discuss the MRI results which are definitely missing again. i will discuss why i haven't been informed that i can make my own referral to the Continence Service. i will discuss a Pain Clinic referral in time for the ending of my physio sessions so that i can receive continuous treatment. And i will as for a PRESCRIPTION for ibuprofen instead of paying for my own. the nurse told me to discuss taking Diclofenac instead, for better relief.

That NURSE has gotten further with my GPs in one day than i have managed to in all this time. Thank God she came to me. Now i have some goals, and i feel more in control. I am not holding onto this anger, because it is not productive- i need my Doctors help, and i need to move forward. but this nonsense has to stop. as far as I'm concerned if i experience any more trouble with this GP practice i will make a formal complaint via PALS and change my GP. Fingers crossed this space! :)

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OH....forgot to mention....the nurse also asked the GP if i could please have some hydrotherapy. The GP says she will look into this. So I will check at my appointment that she HAS looked into it, and hopefully she will not lie to me. As you can see, I now have some trust issues, but I reckon the proof is in the pudding! Hope springs eternal....


You couldn't dream it up could you.

May the force be with you.

Good luck.


I am so glad to hear that you are at last getting the treatment you require. You could write a book on the incompetence of doctors after what you ahve been through. Yes Age UK can help people in many ways especially if they have a good Information and Advice Officer. They do alot of excellent factsheets and booklets on so many subjects I would need pages to mention them, they are all obtainable on their website. One good one is Health Services your Rights to Healthcare and they also have a factsheet on incontinence. Keep us updated on your progressx


Goodness me your GPs soumd totally incompetent! Been a while since they told you they were URGENTLY chasing up your MRI scan etc.Glad you are getting somewhere, thats 2 diamonds you have found as your physio excellent too.Ypu have been so patient infact too patient but it shouldn't be necessary to have to fight but sadly its often the case.I have told a GP something and its not been in notes next time you go.When I was on waiting list for back op I rang every day for a cancellation. At the enf of 3 weeks the sister on the ward rang and told me there eas a cancellation for the next daySadly those that make the most noise get listened to.You are now changing your not wanting to make a fuss attitude and getting somewhere. Good x


Ps make a list of all you need to bring up at yoir docs appt or you may forget somethinh!


I'm glad you are finally getting somewhere and well done you for being on their case. As p1pp1ns says write down what you want to ask in case you forget anything x


You should make the complaint now.


Bless Your Heart!!! So hope you get things straightened out. The pain clinic should diffidently help you!!! xxx Mitzi


You can ask to see your medical records if you want to, and it might help with your complaint. You have to go through the proper channels though.

Also, ask if you qualify for a community matron. In some places you can only have one if you have certain conditions or a certain number of conditions, but they are worth their weight in gold, and can visit you at home and kind of coordinate all of your medical problems and help you to get things sorted out.

Hope things start to improve for you now.


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