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Hip or back Please Help Me

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Approx a year ago I had spinal stenois fusion surgery. For the first 2 months I felt good. But now I'm walking hunched over in excuriating pain. 10 years ago I broke my hip - I can't tell where the pain is comiing from but I'm practically wheelchair bound from pain. The doctor has me running around in circles gettigng injections in different nerves which has not helped. Could it be the hip? The doc says I have bad arthritis in the hip but he doesn't seem convinced that is the problem. I get the feeling he is about ready to give up. Somebody please help - some insight might be helpful. Thank you. Linda

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Did you get an MRI or CT scan? It's hard to assess if the pain is coming

from the hip or back without it. It could very well be the hip. IF the doctor

said that you have bad arthritis, then it probably is true that it's your hip.

Thank you Brett for responding. Since the surgery, the doctor has not done an MRI and for some reason doesn't think it's necessary. He based his theory on xrays. Which I think is kind of strange. My hope is that it is the hip i.e., a hip replacement may take he problem away. Albeit, the doctor is not convinced it is the hip. He is using injections and nerve blocks as his means of diagnostics. Whatever works is the problem - I will note that other than the hip injection nothing has worked. The only problem is the hip injection lasted about an hour but did take alll the pain away.

I think that the doctor is trying to put off hip replacement for as long as possible. The nerve block took the pain away and to me, that says that it is the hip joint. Did you think about a second opinion? I would want to get to the bottom of it. No one should walk bent over. Don't put up with that.

Thanks Brett - I'm going to try the hip injection one more time in a week or so - if it clears the pain I'm getting a second opinion. Hopefully it will clear the pain - that will tell me what I'm hoping to find out. Most definitely getting a second opinion. Just not sure if it should be an orthopedic or neurologist. Thanks. Linda

I do have arthritis in the hip. I'm just confused because I have pain in the front of the the upper leg along with numbness and tingling which has me confused. Could this be coming from the hip also? The Doctor said numbness and tingling would not be from the hip so I;m very confused. Thank you for your help.


IMHO your Magnesium level has gone down and you are feeling this unbearable pain.

Have you ever considered replenishing Magnesium and taking Epsom Salt bath SOAKING for 20 to 30 minutes?

I cured myself of severe back pain using above supplement and in addition I used to spray Magnesium oil .

I fully became pain free in 4 to 5 weeks.

David had worsening pain in his hip for almost 5 years. First they said it was due his back trauma. Then they thought it was Bircitis. Finally they decided it had worn out and now doing hip replacement.

When you have a serious back injury they don't always look at what else could be causing pain to your hip. Yes because of hs back he had walked slightly offf centre for over 20 years putting unusual stress on that hip.

He haas received a number of injections both through the groin and straight into the hip to help pain. As yet not MRI scan but to be done before surgeon opens him up!

I know how much agony it has caused him together with the every day pain so can sympathise.

Hope this helps.

Pat x

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Brett85 in reply to Bananas5

I know a little something about back surgery. It doesn't always work out. Many people have short time relief and then the pain gets worse than it's ever been. I am not a big fan of going for the knife right away before trying other things unless there is an obvious fracture. I do not know of a single person

that has gone through surgery without looking at the soft tissues (CT scan)

or an MRI. Many tell the patient to go home and rest. The spine can be inflamed, extra sore so an injection is reasonable. Rest it, Ice, Heat it..

whatever feels better. Good luck.

Hi there, it sounds like you are being ignored. The symptoms you are having post surgery are not normal. Demand an MRI or CT and if he refuses see someone else or threaten to report/sue him, then he'll act. Try the polite but forceful way first though. It could be another part of your spine has become damaged since the op. Which part has been fused and where is all the pain as it could be hip or pelvis. Unfortunately there is a risk of further damage after fusion but can't remember the %. I had lumbar spine fusion then needed SI joint fusion on both sides, prior to the fusion there was nothing wrong with my pelvis. I am not meaning to alarm you and there may be nothing mechanically wrong but it's worth having the facts. Do some research on problems post fusion and print it off and take it to him. Keep us posted x

My hip was killing me years ago, and still acts up now and again. Mine was ruptured disks, It felt as though it was locked up and it hurt to move it. Also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 and have a whole slew of symptoms now. It may help to go to a pain clinic. It has made my life at least bearable. I hope this helps!!! xxx Mitzi

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