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Chronic back/hip pain


Hello everyone

I'm new to this site so definitely looking for support. I suffer from horrible back pain but want to get fit. Any ideas of exercise/gym classes that might help. I've tried the treadmill but just end up in pain and limping for days x

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Hello Kate2409 and welcome

You say you suffer from horrible back and hip pain. Have you had any diagnosis on why you have this pain? And why you describe it as chronic?


Kate2409 in reply to Bananas5

I've had it for twenty years on and off. It started with a fall when I was crushed and it caused problems with a joint in my pelvis x

Bananas5 in reply to Kate2409

Thanks. Will think


Hi Kate, I'm not sure why you have the pain, but my chronic hip and back pain was made considerably better by reading John sarno book called healing back pain. I tried everything, and finally tried this as I was so desperate! Worth a try? Takes about 3 hours to read!

Best wishes, Ro

Thank you so much. I will have a look x

Hi kate2409

It might depend on why you have chronic back pain, but for me (DDD, stenosis, mild scoliosis, 2 lots of surgery etc) a major part of my recovery has been seeing a knowledgeable personal trainer at the gym.

When I started going about a year ago I couldn't stand up unaided and needed crutches to walk. I also had a very stiff / sore lower back where I had a laminectomy to relieve the pressure on my spinal cord from bulging disc at l4/5 and painful sciatica. I had also lost a lot (and I mean a lot) of muscle mass in my legs / gluts / back etc.

I use a cross-trainer to warm up and have steadily built up the resistance and time. Following that I do a mixture of weight and resistance training targeting specific muscle groups, Pilates type exercises for core muscle strength and lots of stretching of hamstrings, upper / lower spine etc.

It has made a massive difference and I am very pleased I have done it (and will now keep on doing it as the best way to protect my back from further damage). It isn't easy and was quite painful afterwards for some time, but now I'm getting used to it it's nowhere near as bad.

I'm never going to get certain things to recover but I have improved my fitness levels a lot, improved my balance and mobility (I kept falling at first which is bad) and have reduced pain considerably (although some of this will also be down to time).

I wouldn't have known what to do without seeing a PT though and unfortunately that is not cheap, but I figured reducing the pain and improving my mobility was way more important than a few pounds.

Whether this type of approach is right for you depends on what's up with your back though, although all the things I mention would be good for anyone with back problems (that can physically manage it - I realise how difficult it is to imagine going to the gym when you can't even stand up without being in pain) but I would say getting some help / advice from a pro is a must, at least until you know what you are doing, because you don't want to do the wrong thing or go into it too quickly and make things worse. Understanding what is the cause of different types of pain is also important as it turned out a lot of the pain I had was muscular and could be relieved with trigger point massage (using a roller or tennis ball) and stretches.

Good luck.

Psues in reply to PFKAAde

Definately dont stay in bed makes pain worse our bodies were meant to strect swim and walk!!!! I loved thia chi classes at asu years ago

If you can do any form of exercise keep doing it.

Your body will tell you which exercises you should avoid. However I would have thought a running machine would just compound your problems.

Just take it easy and build your self up. If you are in a gym there should be someone to give you some guidance as to what will aggrivate your problem and which exercises that will help to strengthen key muscle groups.

Definately salt water yoga pool therapy and walking 20 mins twice per day best no weight lifting!!!

Little mix dogs lap dogs loving not too yappy or too large, 9 lbs 2 to 3 walks per day is healing also!! But stay covered or in sunblock when hot get organic sunblock or make ur own!!!

do you have any ongoing inflammation aggravating those joints? That would explain why it comes and goes. Anti-inflammatories can help greatly. A rheumatologist can diagnose. There are medication therapies that help some tremendously. Also, have you seen a pain specialist yet?For chronic pain, yes, keeping mobile is important. But you need great care not to cause further damage. My brain works at a much higher level than my body, I need to slow down and pace myself.

Swimming is great because of the low impact. Other exercises mentioned are great too. I couldn't have started with those without injury. I worked up my fitness level in the pool to build the muscles supporting my back, then branched off and tried other things.

There are so many things that can be tried for pain. If one doesn't work for you, try the next...

That would make complete sense and I think I will ask to see a rheumatologist. Swimming is something I did a lot as a teenager and might be a possible way to start off. Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help xx

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