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Ive been on liquid gabapentin 900mgs a day for 8-9months,hell,doc putting me on pregablin,away take 1ml of 20mg x 3,whats gonna happen to me


Anyone know answer to my gabapentin nightmare?away start pregablin today,so worried and been reducing on gaba and in agony,mouth throat like plastic rubber stone etc,hell lots more side affects,anyone help me?doc is not that ameniable?

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Hello Lewis, I'm not totally sure what you are saying but Pregablin is ten times better than Gabapentin,I'm on max dosage which is 300mg twice a day along with strong pain killers,I'm sure you will feel much better after changing to Pregablin,the problem with Pregablin is that it is very expensive so seems to not be prescribed as much as it should be,all the best and good luck with future treatment.

lewis08 in reply to Yorkshireste

Thank you,on the pregablin since saturday,got alot of thing's going on i really cant cope with after being on gabapentin,try to be positive but as day goes on things get worse,not just the pain,feel i'm getting nowhere?have never taken anything for neuro and tietzes plus fybro,just sorry i did now,thanks for responding and take care,PS lewis my grandson,thought would just say that!

Yorkshireste in reply to lewis08

Hello again Lewis,I just thought I would let you know that Pregablin will start to make you feel rather euphoric and somewhat sanguine and confident which helps a lot and coupled with some good company or a good comedy film will help a lot my friend,Laurel and Hardy does it for me pal hehe,take care and enjoy life and the summer is just round the corner so plenty to be happy about,all the best Steve.

lewis08 in reply to Yorkshireste

Thanks hun,just phoned NHS24,been choking and lots more,doc told me not to take the pregablin (maybe allergic)got to go see my own doc tuesday,i watch comedy too,finds that helps me relax,birds of a feather etc,god knows what i will feel like as the day goes on,roll on summer,something to look forward too,thanks for responding again .

Any time my friend,chin up kidda all the best Steve.

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