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MRI results show something different now

well just had MRI results after increased nerve pain after facet joint injection in march.

Consultant says that i have some disc bulging at L4/L5 which as inflamed the nerve so need a couple of injections of steroid and epidural to help reduce the nerve and hopefully stop the pain. Really not sure what to do as i am already on redeployment due to my condition and off work as unable to go back to my existing position. I know i want to not have pain and be able to work but i cant afford to have more treatment and flair things up and not get a new position through having more time off.

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you can really help yourself and your body

By going to a sports Physiotherapist, chiro, osteopath and get it manipulated drug free, and get exercises to do to strengthen the body to protect it and prevent it happening again.

Once sorted pilates is excellent for core strength (tightens the 3 layers of abdominal muscles which then help to support the spine, which means it does not have to work as hard nor get injured.

Most disc problems are caused by this inequality in muscles strength.

We can all make this choice to improve our health and wellbeing, sadly few of us do.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Sorry this happend I have had both types of injection and epic.... Did hep for a time.


i am already doing exercises given to me by a physio and pay for hands on physio too.

i try and walk every day even more so when i not working so i feel i am trying to look and help my body cope with the problem.


I know how you feel, similar problem and ended up out if work due to chronic pain.Hang on in there sending you positive vibes.Initially the fusion after years of waiting for op worked,but psin now worse than ever.i hope you have a better outcome.


i am now awaiting a bone denesity scan has MRI also showed a old fracture poss due to



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