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Hi, Brand new here. Still not diagnosed yet anybody any ideas pain steadily getting worse over past 2 years started little ache in inside of

thigh. Now have three different types of pain spread over muscles in the body. definitely nerve pain doctor said. Pain is similar to burning , aches and like getting electric shock, also numbness on left thigh. On tramadol helping a little.seems to be worse when I am unwell. Its there 24/7

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Hi and welcome to the group. I have no idea bout a diagnosis and would not even attempt to guess, hopefully a specialist will be able to pin point the problem and start treatment.

I find with nerve pain consistency helps, no dramatic changes in heat or texture. Warm bath will often settle things down and I have a heated throw I use to keep my leg warm and at a consistent temperature. If you are taking tramadol then make sure you take paracetamol with them as they work much better together.

I hope you find a solution soon and things get easier for you.



I have suffered similar pains for the last three years. In my case the cause was Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy for which the doctors said there was no cure. So, I tried various Alternate therapies without much relief. ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) capsules give some relief, NEURACEL (A form of Chinese therapy) helps wee bit more, even after controlling my sugar levels. If you find a cure (at all) share with me, please.


Hi Stephen

Welcome to the group. Your symptoms are very similar to mine but I also have osteo arthritis and costo chondritis and other health problems which compund the pain. If the neuropathic pain is in patches sometimes Versatis (lidocaine) patches can help. I did find that Tramadol helped take the edge off the pain but unfortunately for me it gave me a constant strange headache 24/7 so in the end had to give up on it. I have found Pregablin (Lyrica) has helped with the burning, shooting pains I didn;t realise how much it was helping until I decided to reduce the dosage and all the symptoms came back with a vengence. Hope that you can find something that eases your pain. My friend has numbness at the outside of knee and thigh and hers is caused by arthritis of the kneexx


I hope that you get to see a neurologist to address the nerve pains.

I think that's what you have going on. My friend has a lot of that going on

in her feet. I told her that it's neuropathy. She has an appointment to see

the neuro now finally. Her GP said that 2 medicines work Gabapentin and

Lyrica. (from USA) The side effects are as bad as the issues. She is looking

for more answers. Will pop in to see what she found out and then talk to you.


thanks everybody for your replies. they have been very helpful. I know if I get a good sleep the pain is not so bad. I have changed my diet to lots of fruit and veg and not eating processed food and not drinking any artificial sweeteners and plenty water seems to help a little. again thanks for the response


I went to see a Neurologist about my symptoms just like yours. I had a EMG/NCS test done., Mines came back negative but the doctor said that mines was caused by Arthritis.


yes I have to get these tests too. but I would be shocked if they arthritis. joints are ok it is just muscular thanks for your reply


My thigh also gets like electric shocks throughout the day, with pins and needles. Thigh feels quite numb at times. I take pre-gabelin for abdomen which has peripheral neuropathy and oral morph. Find alka setzler helps to calm down pains and needles. Waiting to see neurologist, got EMG test about 4 years ago which was negative but things have changed quite a lot since then.


Hi healthylass. thanks for your reply. sounds something similar. neurologist thinks it's twofold nerve damage and something going on with muscles. Still can do everything as long as on tramadol. Don't want to be them.but it does help. Waiting for tests hopefully it will be clearer. Started gym in the hope this helps. well it can't do any harm I hope. I hope you are feeling a bit better. many thanks.


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