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Is it the meds or something else?


I had an acdf c6/c7 in July 2012, everything was good for about 6 weeks after the op then I felt a massive click in my neck and started to get the pain again, which has gradually grown worse, to the point that the pain is worse now than before the op. My surgeon had the attitude that nothing could possibly have gone wrong with his work but didn't suggest any further tests to check where the pain was. I was referred to a different hospital for a 2nd opinion and my consultant there has been fab. Had x rays the same day then MRI booked in etc. I saw her again after the MRI and she said that fortunately where I had the op everything looks fine but I need a cervical epidural injection for pain management and hopefully after this I'll be able to gradually reduce my morphine, I'm awaiting a date for this injection to be done.

Over the past few weeks I have been waking with pains in my elbows and knees, felt really stiff all over, I have insomnia, and even when I do sleep often wake feeling as though I haven't had any sleep at all. I feel so fatigued and depressed all the time. I saw the gp yesterday who didn't know what to say and it was me telling him what to do - get on top of the depression and that might sort the insomnia! Is all these symptom due to the meds I'm on or could it be something else? Currently I'm on 100mst a day, naproxen, paracetamol, venlafaxine, gabapentin which I'm reducing as I want to come off them as they interact with the morphine, and oramorph. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Hello Katie72,

I too had six weeks of relief, then problems. Am also on a similar dose of medication.

In my opinion, depression often goes along side pain/medication and the feeling of being useless, the inability to do things that were achieved easily previously.

Hang in there, hopefully you will get some better days (that in itself helps) My solace is to accept that's (my life) read and enjoy the vino! Not ever suggesting you go down that road however, it gets me to sleep. This isn't my advise, it's the way I cope.( I never, ever, take meds whilst having wine) I hope you find a better way and wish you well.

Best wishes backisbad


Thanks backisbad. Pretty down at the min and just ant an end to all the pain. Thanks tho. Xx


Am struggling too at the moment, however, wishing you the best, It's a nightmare isn't it? Have been invited to walk through the bluebell woods with my parents ( picnic included) It's a wonderful sight and whilst have really struggled in the past am not sure that I can undertake this year am truly upset, my parents are well in their eighties and make the walk! Mum has a steel rod in her spine in addition to other problems, I feel useless, it's embarrassing and one of the banes of back problems.

Am going to give it a go because the pleasure of the mass of bluebells is so inviting and I don't want my parents to feel sad for me. It will hurt, dose my self up with pain killers and hopefully the beauty and achievement will help. Never, give up Katie 72, sometimes the pain is worth someone else's pleasure.

I will come home, shattered, in pain and ready for bed. Will feel normal if I ignore the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having done something I used to do.

Best wishes.



Bless you. I know what you mean tho, you do something like that and end up in bed and in pain, and worn out for the next couple of days. Sounds absolutely beautiful tho - bluebell woods. It never fails to amaze me how the older generation deal with things, and just carry on as normal. I've had a good weekend - tried to carry on as normal and had some vino, suffered for it today tho and have had to take to my bed as that's where I'm the most comfortable, but it's helped my mood no end.

Take care backisbad. Xx


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