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Any one seen that new MRI scan machine at Newcastle..will help those who hate been in small places

Any one with back props..upper..lower..and upper feels like its moving forward takes my breath doctor said I should of had my operation!!!!!!oh and have a twisted spine??in my 20 so right though till my back went in 08 ..I suffered upper back props..chest pain etc..not one gp helped me or even now nos what's wrong..I knew what's wrong with lower back..never had a full MRI scan ever..will pay my self if no now xxpeace to those in god dam pain plodding on keep head up..things gotta get better eh??? I think I've been neglated x

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I had fun with the MRI scanners at Liverpool, after a laminctomy and fixatiopn, which took the curve out of my kneck. They threatened to sit on my head to get me in it...............took a while..........with a lot of pain.............but hey ho, the scan was ok.AND my Surgeon watched it, and came out and assured it was ok.

Full marks to him!


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