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Hello, I'm 17 male, and I play a lot of sports and about a month ago I pulled my hamstring while sprinting

I recovered well and was able to go to soccer practice and I could jog and sprint at about 85% last week. Yesterday, I was playing with my dog and sprinted for about 10 steps and my hamstring popped. Is this another pull? Or is it just part of the recovery process?

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Can't say dude but Id take it as a warning that you need to favour it for a bit longer but if it doesn't start to improve in a week or so I'd go and seek medical advice, the thing is injuries like that can take a long time to clear up just don't be so hasty to get back in the game take a bit more time, you'll leaner that as you get older!. :)


Alright thanks I'll be sure to do that. I talked to my schools sports trainer and she said it was probably just some of the scar tissue and should go away in a few days. Still need to be careful though


Yeah take it easy give it time, just don't do what I did and kept on running with knee pain I was wrongly diagnosed by my useless GP as being gout (which I get from time to time) after over a years of being fobbed off it was obviously cyclic gout isn't so I then went to see another GP but it was to late by then both my knee caps were shot to hell, so if you keep having issues with it and the health professional your using isn't giving you advice that's helping at all use your right then ask about GP's at your local surgery and book down to see someone who is, and don't take no for an answer if you think its not getting any better and your constantly having pain issues with it keep going back until you get looked at, I don't want to ever see anyone end up like I have.

Take care chap!.


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