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Hey everyone...I'm new at this, so bare with me. I have degenerative disc disease and now I'm getting a pain in my right groin.

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It only happens when I walk , no pain if sitting. If I apply pressure to it, then it feels much better. It's a terrible pain that takes my breath away. Any ideas what is happening? Thanks much

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sounds like a nerve that is getting either pinched or compressed by inflammation nearby. There are a number of nerves around your pelvis that can cause big pain - pudendal nerve, piriformis, sciatic, etc. Not a lot you can do usually - if its inflammatory, then you could ask your doctor about taking full prescription doses of NSAIDs. Stretching exercises and gentle, low impact exercise can help a lot too. You can download either the "back to action" app or exercise document from nass.co.uk. Thats the ankylosing spondylitis website, but the kind of exercises there are generally really good for a lot of back problems. You don't have to do them all, but doing a good set of stretches every day can not only relieve pain, but give you more energy too.

There are small muscles and ligaments in that area which might be very tense if your loer back muscles are being overworked. A Physio might know.

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Nice of you to share such helpful information. I also have degenerative d d, and same symptoms. Thxs.

Possible inguinal or femoral hernia. Look it up and see if your symptoms match. Sheila

Sounds exactly the same as my husband,and he has two bulging discs in lower spine with nerve impingement,he says the same thing, the pain is severe enough to take your breath away,then it's gone you can't describe the pain to anyone else. You must see your G.P for further investigation, just because it sound the same doesn't mean it is.

My McTimony Chiropractor demonstrated to me what happens when my legs muscles are too tight. The lower vertebra get pulled onto nerves. Part of my chiropractic treatment is to have the muscles in my legs stretched.

I do a lot of cycling which is why my leg muscles have a habit of getting too tight.

Might be worth having a look at the possibility of tight leg muscles being involved in the cause of the problem.

Hope this helps

Could be a ruptured disk, especially since your disk's are weakened. Hope this helps, I have ruptured disk's in my back and Fibromyalgia. Hang in there sweetheart. May want to go to a pain clinic, it really helped me. xxx Mitzi

Hi Bruin3536.. Hi I too have d d d.. Told 8 year ago..I was told had spine of someone double my age!!!if stand in same place like phone..home..stand for a bit!!!its very stiff painnfull.. My right hip is higher then left..I blamed DDD.. Has now have solisis too!!!I def didn't wasn't born like that,,,my right hip makes a load popping sound.. It also sometimes feels I've but it ouuta joint if move right leg wrong way...DDD is ment to get better has time goes on?????mine is all way to feet!!also at mo got two discs excured out ones on my s1 nurve,,causing sciatica,, I knew how you feel ..its very pain full..sounds like you need someone who knew s what's what,, good look

Hello all. Thanks for all your care and concern, it's a lot to absorb for sure. Just got back from the doc and now she thinks it may be my right hip, so off I go for an X-ray of that. She advised me to do physical therapy, but I can barely walk, let alone do that. So I just sit in the hot tub and get my therapy that way. Next stop will be an MRI, then who knows what! My favorite saying is "It is what it is", so I'll just take it one day at a time and go from there. I'm only 56 and can't imagine what my 70's will bring me. So I'll keep everyone posted as to what's going on. I feel for all of you in your predicament. Good luck and have a great day eh.....

It's a familiar problem with sciatica off shoot nerve involvement, but you do need to have it checked with gp (especially if a guy) as there can be some very similar things.

I also have DDD am in constant pain no matter what I do pain in hip/back and right leg and shoulder pain after a number of referrals to try different things and still taking morphine over a year later now being sent to pain clinic maybe you could try pain clinic hope you can get something sorted take care

Hello everyone...I have not been on here or a long time and thought I would give you an update on myself. After much months of pain, I am finally feeling much better. I have been going to a chiropractor once a week and a licensed massage therapist once a week, although it gets expensive, its working...I am so glad to finally feel so much better. It comes down to my muscles that were so tight. With the both of them working on me each week, I can now go to them every other week. I also joined a gym and get my muscles moving a little and that helps. So for others like me with this problem, maybe you might want to try what I did. I am glad I did as I feel soooooo much better...not pain free, but tolerable.......

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