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4 Xrays show I have a fracture in my wrist (the Scaphoid bone).MRI does not. Wrist hurts and cracks, doctor says no fracture so won't treat

Doctor says because fracture does not show on MRI there is nothing wrong with my wrist, but it hurst and a I hear it crack all the time. Can a x-Ray show a fracture and an MRI not? Also, knuckle on other hand has been swollen for three months now and is in terrible pain. Doctor said I'm fine. Could there be a problem with knuckle as well? (I fell down and that's how I injured my self)

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Bit confused. If X ray shows crack why did you have MRI as well?

If X ray was done at hospital why didn't they treat you there? Did you do both injuries to wrist and knuckle at the same time?

Sorry for all the questions!

It could be bruising to your knuckle. If you can move it - it is unlikely to be broken. Bruising and soft tissue damage can be very painful and take a long time to heal.

Could it also be that you have arthritis in your hands?

Pat x


Sorry you are in pain but all I can tell you is what my GP told me this week. The cracking we hear from joints is not bone. The muscle goes into spasm which pulls the tendons, it is these that a cracking. A bit like the ropes on a boat,pulling this way and that. So when you move the tendons which normal move in conjunction with the muscles are under strain and making the noise you hear and feel. Painkillers warmth and rest are the best solution. X rays can lget it wrong,but go back to your GP.x


Fractures in the wrist will heal over time. Plaster Casts are now considered not a good idea. My experience of a wrist fracture is massive loss of strength at the time it occurred. You have not described this symptom so you have another problem.

You need to see someone who uses their hands to treat. You also need to see a GP who can give you sensible advice on how to proceed with the problems you have. The doctor may be right when he says there is nothing wrong with your wrist. You can get referred pain from an injury elsewhere in the body.

You need a referral to see a rheumatologist. They may be able to give you a better handle of what is going on.



I broke that bone in early 70s, very painful and bad too heal, understand it is one of those bones that has a poor blood supply



Honestly, I would be looking for a new doctor! I hope you find one who listens a nd tries to give you suggestions. Good luck to you.


The scaphoid is an incredibly difficult bone to actually see on xrays. What both xrays and MRIs show is differences in density of tissue which may not actually be a crack. I'm also not sure what "treatment" you would be expecting anyway? When I fractured the scaphoid it also wasn't picked up on the first xray, but it took an xray several days later to see that there was new bone forming in the crack. At that point I wasn't put in plaster, but just had the wrist strapped up for a few days. It really just healed on its own, and as its not an area where there is any stress on the bone on moving it (like there would be on a long bone in your arm), I don't think it does any further damage if you do keep moving it. As someone else said, if you can move your fingers and wrist, then it probably isn't broken (or at least enough to treat), but there would certainly be inflammation there if you injured it, and that could take at least a week to calm down and reduce.


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