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I don't believe it

My doctor is very young and very nice. She has been being nice to other people all morning that's why she is running three quarters of an hour late.

She hands me a sheaf of leaflets to read I hand her a copy of Pain Matters. With a piece highlighted within an article about the pain experience not being believed. (Very depressing that don't you think?). To be fair to her I haven't taken my pain out for her to dismiss lightly. She is new and I have been doing as the pain clinic recommended. Which basically involves pacing and gritting - teeth. Doubtless there will come a time.

I don't believe she will read it but you have got to try.

I have trouble believing when man in the Cafe at Buckingham garden centre points to a one legged Robin sat on the back of a chair waiting for cake crumbs.

He can't believe how much I have spent, I have always wanted a Witch Hazel and given my life seems to have shrunk of late and I apparently have to give up chocolate now along with other goodies I treat myself. I get so much pleasure from our small patch I figure its good value. I don't believe it will give the same hit as chocolate though.

Half way home I cannot believe that I forgot to mention to the GP my very real concerns over memory loss and confusion.

Perhaps I will forget I have to give up comfort food. Then I won't feel guilty will I?

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Hi There, Why have you been told to give up chocolate? I would be devastated to be told that! x



You cannot stop a little habit that lights up your mood and cheers you. We although being on diets still enjoy a little chocolate, life would be boring if we had to stop little treats.

They are the best medications that we take. Keep treating !!



Hi, I was told to give up caffeine and chocolate at the pain clinic and know others that have been told likewise. However, I absolutely believe a little bit of what you like won't hurt you (as long as you're not allergic!). Plus the quality of most chocolate in this country is so poor I doubt it will really hurt you. I found giving up caffeine in tea and coffee the most useful, combined with deep relaxation...but everyone's got to find their own coping strategies, what works for one won't necessarily work for another, and blanket solutions are not always appropriate. I think you've got to go with what you feel works for you...which as far as I'm concerned means valuing the small pleasures...velvety chocolate is definitely one of them :-) Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the chronic pain lifestyle is sadly devoid of pleasure, in the sense that everything is coloured by pain and the few moments of pleasure that are attainable are consequently so much more valuable. Not to be given up lightly :-)


Nedd, you are a brilliant writer.

The issue of not being believed over pain is a big one for some of us, or at least it can be at times. It feels like a betrayal when someone questions your pain all because you can still function in some capacity, or simply because you "don't look ill", and particularly if you don't have a diagnosis.

Brain-fog is a part of pain, and the medication that goes with it.

Have cut down on chocolate and caffeine a lot - I don't think it impacts much on my pain or the migraines but I feel virtuous. I was never a chocoholic (the thought of eating it always appeals more than the actual stuff) but the less I eat it the less I think I want it, and over time it gets easier to leave it alone on the shop counter. Unfortunately, my vice at the moment is handfuls of dry cornflakes straight from the packet. No, I doubt it's some hidden need for vitamins & minerals, it's just a bad habit! (Could be worse, they could be the honey-nut ones).

That said, there is nothing wrong with treats every now and again, and little things to lighten your life make a huge difference.


Chocolate is good !!!! Dark chocolate helps prevent diabetes apparently, good enough for me.

Sweet smiles from young doctors are nice but a shame she did not listen to your woes. I hate being forgetful and confused I have to write everything down then forget where I wrote it.

huggss nutty


Oh gawd I just wrote a long reply to this and lost it.

No more energy thanks for replying everyone.

Ned x


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