still don't believe/not convinced

once again gp assumes I have IBS.he said my stomach was a build up of gas which my own gp ahs never said.all I got from him was "its your stomach".this gp assured me the meds hes prescribed will get rid of my swollen not convinced cos when I got home and read the packet it said "for constipation" despite telling him my bowels are normal they persist in prescribing meds for constipation.they cant make time to give answers but can find time to talk about my dogs!!if he wants to talk about my dogs then he should accept when I say my dogs know when something is wrong with me .my Annie is constantly by my side and loves nothing more than cuddling up close to me on my sofa.

still proves the point that OC is mistaken fro a bowel condition.not saying I have OC but then I dont have any bowel problems and never complained of being constipated.

I have booked an appointment on 10th December to discuss ongoing unanswered q's and not recognized symptoms and get a diagnosis or explanation at least.

still cant remember what I was going to write originally.



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  • Remember if you are not happy with GP you can ask for a second opinion as you are not going to see him to talk about your dogs and get constipation medication because if that was the case you could just go to the chemist and get both those. I know how frustrating it can be when your GP just will not listen to you because if your GP is not listening to you how can they actually diagnose you and give you the right treatment. I hope you can get sorted and find out the cause and get the right treatment and get better. Then you can throw away your GP's Sure to Crap' meds Best Wishes. Poohbear'

  • Hi pooh bear.thanks for your reply.I have written to the practice manager and booked an appointment with my gp in Dec to discuss issues,I will book another appt with the Dr D I saw yesterday and beg for a pelvic and neck scan.

  • remember being told not to say anything about my dogs to gp as he would say im mad but its ok for him to say but not sure his reasoning behind it cos didn't think to ask at time.

  • You do not say what you take for your pain? Co-Codamol 30 can give you constipation and very often the gp will prescribe senna. Tramadol does give you gas I suffered with that before and it is a lot worse now I am on Tramadol.

    Try Ginger or Green tea with honey if you take sugar it helped me.

  • Hi I was on paracetamol but they did nothing and given codeine and senna tho not taking senna and codeine like any other pain meds do nothing. I took my dogs out this am and pelvic pain disabling barely walk.never had tramadol

  • Tried green tea.its vile!

  • put manuka or ordinary honey in sweetens it up a treat

  • I met a woman who did have oc and was constantly turned away by gp. It was devastating for her. Please go back, take someone with you if you can and be direct about your concerns. Ask them to discount oc with a blood test to put your mind at rest! Best wishes

  • This may sound like an inappropriate question but did she survive.I have 9 of 10 signs according to the advert i saw on facebook and posted CA125 has always been raised.does anyone remember poor Babs who was a forum member and the wife of an ex work colleague she passed away this time last year.

  • Hi, look, the main thing is to get properly investigated. I think we become hyper vulnerable going to doctors and then it becomes hard to articulate clearly and we expect them to understand but they don't and start talking rubbish like asking about your dog etc and everything goes out the window. Can you take someone with you who understands and can bring the conversation back to point if things go off track? My best solution for myself was to write a bullet point list and just hand it over to gp. It worked the best.

  • have done a list.ready to take.booked an appt for 2nd .if goes well may cancel the appt with my own gp on 10th.

  • Good job! Don't see how they can't respond appropriately with that! Keep us posted! Xx

  • Have taken lists with me in past but gp takesmit glances and hands it back.

  • IBS is called The Great Pretender because it x an mimic many symptoms. Some people have loose stools with IBS, some have constipation. Others have pain, gas, cramps, bloating. Your doc should only diagnose IBS if investigations are clear of other things. The usual treatment is mebeverine tablets, which worked well for me. You have to take for at least six weeks.

  • hello Calceolaria, I know that because I have read it so many times as well as it being on ITV's good morning program -2 tv doctors saying OC is difficult to detect and is mistaken for IBS/bowel condition.i did have IBS many years ago and never had the symptoms I have now..told him yesterday once again that my bowels were normal and never had constipation.MY GP diagnosed IBS but not said to me -he only put it in a letter to DWP(about 2 years ago)and never prescribed meds for it.altho CA125 was above range and scans said to be normal ,assumed IBS tho nothing else considered.IBS bloating etc comes and goes nto there all the time/.mine has never gone down just inflating.has given me another med to dissolve and drink and this one doesn't leave a load of residue btu once again is a med for constipation..

    if my gp wants to talk about my dogs I would say to him he needs to accept their behaviour -in that in the last year they have changed and are very clingy ,hate being left and know that I am ill,they sense it.and it is known dogs sense illness in their owners by smell or whatever way.

  • Maybe a repeat blood test needed, if last one was two years ago. What did he say about previous raised marker?

  • all he said was that its come down from something like 152 to 37.which is still above range,it cant be reliable cos hospital test said my level was down from 25 to 14.

  • I'll add that to the list of things to ask.

  • Hi calceolaria

    I have noticed that some members are very knowledgeable about (their)conditions and it is more than my gp has ever this from your own experiences or are some of you in the medical profession.

  • I was convinced I had OC a few years ago. I have had a hysterectomy for other reasons and still have my ovaries. I was tested positive for helicobacteria pylori, something like that and was put on ulcer tablets. just a option to consider. I actually do suffer with IBS since my teens so I knew this was different. I was a lot better after a few months treatment. To me, ovarian pain would be like strong period pains, but I dont know. Hope you get sorted out soon.


  • hi realsore lady, when I ahd my laparoscopy to remove gallbladder they tested fro HP then .it was normal.i have been on omeprazole for some pelvic pain is low down and in my pelvic bone not where i would suffer period pain that is higher up and pain isnt cramp like plus my pelvic area is swollen and relief Is by a heat pad stuffed down my trousers.

    by the way my periods stopped 6 years ago.

  • hi there.i have told my gp on several occasions that I had IBS years ago and I didn't have this swollen abdomen so I know it s not.

  • Hi there, I've suffered with chronic IBS for the last 12yrs, needless to say say it's change over that time to different symptoms, I've had every test available, and I'm still in daily pain. Now first of all Id just like to say I don't know what you mean by of. But my tummy looks like I'm 6mths pregnant so when they say with IBS it goes up and down mine hasn't .Also you talk about pain in the pelvic area I also have my pain there but,with like a football team in there aswell. I personally have never found any medication or diet to ease the pain. If you ever find anything to reduce your Tum would you let me know. Quite honestly I don't know if I've read your post properly, if I haven't Im sorry. It was just the part about your swollen abdomen that caut my eye. I would be interested to know what you mean by OC though. All the best with your appointment in December.

  • I think OC stands for ovarian cancer

  • yes OC does stand for ovarian cancer

  • Hi pain meds help me.get some relief from pelvic pain is a microwaveable heat pad.

  • Try taking some iron tablets as per instruction on the bottle. Also ensure you chew your food well. This may help if you have a gas problem. You can only try it and see if it works.

    Gas is produced by bacteria etc.. Change the conditions and the bacteria change.

    Hope this was useful

  • thanks johnsmith.i was given iron tabs sometime ago but they made no difference from what I remember.

  • Ferrous sulphate is not recommended which is what you may have been given.

    In my case when I had gas problems in the past Ferrous Gluconate is what I have taken with food. I have no idea what the dose was as it was so long ago. You need to experiment to see what works for you. When searched for the spelling on the web found all sorts of side effects. When I took them their were none. However everyone is different.

    The iron tablets you were given were tried some time ago. It is worth trying again as the conditions now may be different. Bacteria can change very quickly in the digestive system according to diet conditions.

    Certain foods are very good at producing gas problems. This may vary from person to person. To find out out which food causes you problems you need to keep a food diary. The time scale from food intake to problem can be up to 30 hours.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  • hi megmog2 I didn't say i didnt have a bowel condition said I didn't have IBS constipation or diarrheoa.diverticulitis is the pockets as described (?) on colon wall .its known that ovarian cancer is difficult to detect so it cant be ruled out.the info on nhs websites and that from active beat talks of it being on abdominal wall(omentum?)my weight gain of 3 stone is all abdominal and I having lost weight elsewhere makes more weight gain on my stomach.also it Is nothing to do with diet and as normal stomach weight stable fro awhile then 1/2 stone + gained overnight and increase of 2-3 "on belly.

    according to |NHS choices diverticulitis cause s more severe pain especially on left side high temperature diarrheoa and frequent bowel movements.

    I don't have any of thsi

  • Seeing gp tomorrow-Dr D not my own. Going to beg him to listen to me and take me seriously.I have 9 of the 10 symptoms. Feeling very sick and fatigued tonight.sitting here with a heat pad down my knickers as its only way to get pain relief.I wouldn't be so concerned if GPS had taken me seriously and if my dogs were nt behaving the way they have for the last year+.list of my symptoms and those from activebeat for comparison and verification.

  • Tempted to cancel today's appointment but only have an hour.

  • Don't cancel. Go and be direct. Tell him outright that you think you have oc and think it has been misdiagnosed as IBS. Good luck. Don't give up! Go! Keep us posted!

  • Thank you Boozybird and for giving me the words to use.I'll go .at least seeing the gp I am he will listen to me and explain, things.also going to mention fatigue..

  • Hi just got back fro gp turns outcancer is his specialist area which no one said before. He said dont be concerned about fatigue as only recent.showed him my list of symptoms and why I was concerned it could be OC.he said he could understand my concerns as noone had given me any answers or support.told him the main things that made me concerned .have to!close now dogs need to go out.come back later.

    I dont think I will ever be convinced 100% cos of lack of care by gp/consultants since 2011…if they gave me answers and listened and accepted what I told them I wouldn't have all these doubts,but I still haven't a diagnosis for swelling and difficulty swallowing

  • I booked an appointment with my own gp on 11th but dont know whether to keep that one or not. To try and have a rational conversation with him.need answers for skin rashes swelling and swallowing choking etc.nasal bone growth.

  • What did the gp say yesterday? Is he going to do anything for you or was he reassuring at all?

  • felt whilst there he did reassure me to a certain extent but soon as i leave get doubts in my head.he went into considerable detail about OC and ovaries and "GAS"etc he said keep taking the meds and they should help.i'll see.there are still other possible causes -they havent considered ie when i had my gallbladder removed my stomach swelled up after that.i need to confront my gp and ask him why he hasnt supported me since 2 years ago,thats re ENT and Rheumy and his comments tho probably wont say that to him but he needs to admit he was in the wrong.asked if there was anything to be done like surgically to reduce my stomach.I dont see how GAS can be cause by haitus hernia and other diagnoses when they are internal.theonly thing i eat regularly is cereal with milk so am stopping that for a while to see if it helps.if my weight doesnt go down then i definitely know its not diet related.

  • Hi ambuma, I was just going through the Healthunlocked Communities and I seen one there that might suit you . It's called OVACOME, it may be of some help to you.

  • Hi gemini71.I am sure I had joined that community before and cos I couldn't say I actually had OC,was advised not to post on that community

  • Oh I'm sorry about that, I was just browsing and whe I saw that,I remembered asking what OC was then I thought of you. I do hope you get some satisfaction from someone though. In the meantime here's a BIG HUG. PS. I don't think we have the same symptoms but I have constant pelvic pain, and my TUMs like I'm 6mths pregnant. Go back see your GP and stamp your feet. Good Luck

  • Hi gemini71. Wrote a reply and lost it again!so here goes again,thank you so much for your hugs.feeling confident today that he will discuss things rationally with me,I can get a referral to ENT and get a diagnosis for my swelling.stomach feeling really sore to touch on left upper side under ribs.area where diverticulitis etc is??still can't believe that GPS can dismiss their patients as we know our bodies ,mine needs to show some empathy.they would not want to wake every morning to see a swollen face etc,am definitely due an apology with hope in hells chance of getting one.(my Annie giving me your hugs).

  • Hi a bums,just to wish you good luck at your GPs. I've got an appointment with my GP today. A bit different problem to yours,but I know I'm going to have to stamp my feet a lot. My husbands comeing with me so god help him if he don't listen to me lol. Where you've got Diverticulitis I've got chronic IBS. I know that your bowel problem is more serious than mine,but I'm going to the GP over proper blood tests for Underactive Thyroid, which I know there not giving me. So to the two of us BEST of LUCK

  • Hi did your appointment go?hope it was successful.I keep Getting told IBS tho have no symptoms. No constipation diarrheoa or cramps that go with it.first I knew they assumed it to be IBS when I got a copy of letter to DWP.never mentioned before verbally.and no specific meds given until very recently.they need to believe my dogs cos ANnie especially shows concern and hasn't been her normal self for over a year.difference in both dogs behaviour.

  • Hi thanks for asking, My appointment didn't go to bad, I got part of what I wanted even if he was a bit stroppy. I do think my problem is IBS but I don't Beleive I should be suffering this badly without there is some other problem. Like you ive learned a lot on these sites,and nowadays I think you've got to try and look after your own health, because GP don't seem interested anymore. Anyway I hope your appointment goes well and keep us all in touch and we'll all help each other. Rant over Good Luck

  • When I saw gp other day he said they had a group where patients can meet and talk and gave me a leaflet.I said I get support from people on this forum .he said its the same as own gp would just have got angry about me going on internet. But everyone does it these days.we wouldn't have to if GPS gave answers instead of dismissing us etc.

  • Hi just done the same as you long post then pressed cancel,so here goes again. Don't tell your GP you got anything off the internet,say. " I've been reading it up". What it is you want to say,they won't ask what have you read it up in, but if he does say a book your friend gave you,but you can't remember the title. Look at me telling you how to lie, but He Ho if it gets you answers who cares.

  • hi Gemini.have come upstairs to my computer as once agin using tablet my finger sdont work-guess cos of numbness etc in fingertips cant apply pressure on keys and lost my post.

    cant remember wha ti said.except that I remember poor Babs who lost her fight this time last year and although I didnt know her personally,I knew her husband from where and all along it was OC.I have too many unanswered questions and cos of that and gp saying things like its my stomach and not knowing what something is and not accepting what i tell them -how can I have any trust in them .guess when using tablet ill ahve to "speak to it"then maybe wont lose my posts.

    fell asleep at 6 fro 2 hours ,woke at 8 and missed eastenders.waiting another week to see gp seems like forever btu I know how fast time passes and it will soon be here.just hope he will be rational.showhim my diary of htoughts and day to day life.

  • This should say I knew her husband from where i used to work

  • just noticed "a bums"??just shows how iour fingers ndont work or hit the right keys!!

  • Hi Gemini.what has tour gp said about your stomach and have you gained weight anywhere else or is yours all abdominal?

  • Hi the bums is my iPad jumping letters,really I should read as I go along, I hope no offence was taken as none was meant. As for my Tum well that's quite a long story.5yrs ago I was a 999call and my family was told I wouldn't last the night, due to chest infection ( I have Ephesema) at that time my weight was 6st5, I had IBS 5yrs before that, but my Tum was flat. When I came home from Hostpital my weight started to rise until it reached 10 St,my Tum just a little rise,then I started loosing weight again. I'm now at 9stand my Tum don't seem to have gone down with my weight, I look 6mths pregnant. At the end of the month I'm seeing ANOTHER Gastrologist so I'll see what he says. I have quite a few health problems so yesterday was about an Underactive Thyroid and I've found out that they have not been doing a full blood test,but I pretty well got what I wanted. As for your Tum being a worry I can totally understand you. Wish you Luck. BE FIRM

  • hi offence taken.just about to chuck my tablet out the window!keyboard keeps disappearing off the screen,types letters I dont hit and which are nowhere near the letter I want to type.or it flicks back to my profile im on my main computer.maybe I need to see a weight has gone from 11 stone to 14 but gp takes it general weight gain not in one area and recorded me as obese based on BMI .had disagreement with him over that as normal everywhere else.just had a small burger in a bun and the pressure on my ribs is quite bad.there are a few reasons for swollen abdo but they don't consider any other once decision made.i told him my stomach had swelled more after gallbladder op but he didn't acknowledge that.i think when using tablet I should "speak to it" then my posts might get typed right.

  • Hi ,I've always had a little Tum, but now Ithink it is big in comparison to the rest of my body. When I first began with IBS about 13yrs ago my Tum was small,I seen 4 different Gastrologist and I think they all just looked at my records and just agreed IBS. Then a heart nurse gave me the name of another one to see. When I seen him he said he wasn't happy Untill he done his own tests, yippee. I had a colonoscopy,Mir,and he had my ovaries tested all came back clear so I accepted IBS. Oh and by the way I also have had my Gallbladder out. I think you may well be right and get your GP to send you to see a Gastrologist. I always say that then is something you can cross off.

  • What did the gp say yesterday? Is he going to do anything for you or was he reassuring at all?

  • Nah! I'm just owld!

  • Anbuma do you think you have Ovarian Cancer?

  • Hi Bethanie.

    Despite what anyone may think/say,I do based on my has been said on national TV by two doctors that OC is difficult to detect and misdiagnosed as a bowel condition and I have read so many true stories in magazines where women have gained stones in weight and it being all abdominal and looking anything up to 6 months pregnant.

    I also knew Babs ' husband and spoke to her on here where she despite being given months to live-brave lady-also gave advice.she was told she had a bowel condition when all along it was OC.

    Because my gp has not accepted what I tell him and dismissed me on occasions I cannot rule it out.becasue I ahd scans done in 2012 that were normal he refused to accept my symptoms after them or do anymore scans .(he didnt accept that I had new symptoms after

    the scans)if he had then my recent diagnoses would have been discovered two years ago.

    I don't know if you have been following me on here as your name is new to me or read my profile.for years I have been complaining of several things.not eating or feeling full since about 2007,increase in abdomen and weight loss elsewhere ,which has never been accepted

    by my gp or consultant.i have had stress incontinence fro years which was eventually treated by an operation btu have started " leaking "again recently but this is not acknowledged.

    he only mentioned IBS in a letter never telling me personally or giving meds fro this assumed condition.iahve never had symptoms of IBS-no constipation or diarrheoa or bloated feeling.just my stomach growing and feeing rock hard.I had lost faith in my gp cos he would say things like its your stomach I cant feel anything I dont know what something is etc.

    and it s known that dogs detect illness in their owners -have read many stories of this also -normal family pets detecting signs in their owners from their sense of dogs or at least Annie has been showing concern for me ,in the last year -18 months and ive seen a change in both their behaviour.

  • bethanie.

    cut and pasted latest symtpoms plus once again sudden weight increase in stomach and extra 2" on waist.

    also weight going up fro no reason -ie not diet related and from 11 stone to 14 stone in 2 years.

    IBS is called The Great Pretender because it x an mimic many symptoms. Some people have loose stools with IBS, some have constipation. Others have pain, gas, cramps, bloating. Your doc should only diagnose IBS if investigations are clear of other things.

    (1)recurring nasal sores/bleeding and nasal/browbone growth were reason for referral.were verified but no diagnosis

    (2)neck-tightness swelling

    difficulty swallowing cough =sore throat swollen tongue enlarged thyroid?

    (3)general swelling skin rashes thickening of skin

    (4)hearing -tinnitus voices and noises now cleared btu still

    tv on full volume sounds quiet and cant hear people speaking

    ie in street

    (5)pelvic floor-can feel tape?should I?some mild leakage daily.feel "need to go"

    (6)if accepted what i complain of then abdominal issues would have been discovered two years ago.-ie recent diagnoses.

    (7)no one ever accepted taht weight gain is all abdominal

    /not diet related

    (8) i have always been consistent with my symptoms yet

    different responses from different doctors./askign simple questions anyone would ask.

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