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I had bilateral knee replacement in Feb. 2013. I still cant bend well, support my weight when trying to stand, aches etc. Anyone have this?

The surgery and recovery was supposed to be 6 months. Lost insurance and job after 8 months. Dr. wants to do more surgery around joint but I'm not sure it was done correctly the first time. Can anyone offer advice on how to take the next step? I'm only 55 yo.

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Regards to knee replacement, generally you should be able to use the knee quite soon after the operation as the pysio is quite heavy directly after the operation.

The joint involved may have a lot of scare tissue, or the knee replacement may not be fitted correctly so they may want to look at the site again.

All I can suggest is that you comply with the GP and Specialists and let them carry on and let them do a possible operation to correct the problem, Some joints do not fix well to the surrounding bone so work may need to be carried out there.

Good luck




Not sure who gave you the time frame of 6 months, especially with bi-lateral TKR's. I had my left knee done on 1st December 2012 and over a year later I'm still having problems :-( However, I was always told recovery can be anything from 12 to 18 months & sometimes 2 years. I've now realistically accepted my recovery is going to be at a snails pace! I was 47 when I had mine done & also assumed I would have a quicker recovery...WRONG! I would definitely see about getting a 2nd opinion before having the suggested surgery by your surgeon. In the meantime check out a website that could be of major benefit to you. It's called BONESMART & is for pre op & post op hip & knee replacement. Ran by an Orthopaedic nurse & many others, the advice is brilliant!


i have had 2 knee replacements, tell me did you do all the exercises as instructed by physio, as you only need to not do them or not do them properly and you will not get the bend right. your knee should be really good by now , so you need to get a refferal back to consultant, good lu. knees-up


im not a doctor but I have found a brilliant osteopath who has helped a lot where abouts are you


If you aren't happy with surgeon offering to correct it, can you ask them if you could have a second opinion on what needs doing? Also if they do decide to do surgical correction, make sure they explain very carefully what they are going to do and why, and what evidence they have (eg from follow up xrays or scans) that the correction will work this time. Also, make sure they check whether you have any evidence of an inflammatory arthritis rather than just osteoarthritis, as that will affect how it heals (and inflammatory arthritis can be treated without surgery)


Like you had mine replaced 4 months ago, still lots of pain, bad movement. I did all the exercises and worked very hard on the bending , even went in to have bent by my surgeon, bends better but still in pain . I live on Tramadol, and about to lose my job. My other knee was done 4 years ago no pain but crap movement . I used to be a good rugby player and runner but know at 58 feel on strap heap . So what now?


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