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Update for those who have asked. And for those who haven't there may be some bits of interest.

For the last 2 years David has been in extreme pain with his right hip. Added to his spinal trauma and degeneration - been in a mess. Extensive tests 12 months ago resulted in the diagnosis of Bursitis. Several injections over the next few months did relieve some pain but no where ear what the consultant hoped.

A fall, in August, from 4' jetty on to concrete didn't help. Nothing broken but juggled everything up inside. By October the pain was mark 10 and onlt relief was courtesy of a bag of frozen peas almost permanently attached to his hip. Time for a call to the pain clinic. As ever Dr James saw him almost immediately prescribing some NSAID. Nope didn't touch him. Back again and by now Dr James was convinced the only possible solution was a hip replacement.

Appointment to see the orthopedic consultant surgeon came within the week. Helps when your pain consultant is also the surgeons anesthetist!

Down side of such a short notice appt was we had to wait in the hospital. And wait. Ad wait. 2 hours passed, David hadn't taken any extra pain relief and was by now crawling up the wall. By the time we got to see the surgeon's second in command, David was a mes and I was ready to battle! Fortunately 2 i/c was lovely and talked sense so I am very sorry I attacked you. When you live, love and care for a CP sufferer you will do everything possible to help and ease that pain. He did shake my hand at the end and said some kind words which included feisty!

He looked at the hip X ray and explained that a replacement really wasn't the answer. Yes there was arthritis but not enough. The bursitis wasn't causing that amount of pain. Sooo. He suggested an diagnostic procedure which I understand has the same effect as a hip replacement without the surgery. IF that works and relieves the pain then they will operate immediately. IF it doesn't then they have a problem. It means that somehow the pain is related to the spinal injury. Cross that bridge when we come to it he reassured us.

He gave David a sreroid/locsl injection to tide him over. So by the end of January we will know one way or t'pther what the next stage will be. The last thing either David or the CP team want is a replacement hip for him. Recovery is difficult under any circumstances but add in all the other bits falling apart and it hardly bears thinking about. But.....he's strong and has me to answer to!

Pat x

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Hello Pat,

Sorry that David is really going through the mill, I suppose if He can have some relief over the Christmas and New year hopefully David may be a little bit stronger than He is now, this time of the year is such a trail when in pain.Because of dampness, cold and ice. Do you think they may sort out something sooner rather than later.?

How are you getting on, David must be one big worry, as hospitals are busy at this time, I was in our General this afternoon, and it seemed to be generally at the moment a two week lead time on appointments at the moment, and if surgery is required it can be up to eight weeks, thank the Government for that, it seems they are dictating these periods.

All I can say Pat of course if you need support, you know where I am, even over next four weeks.

Look after yourself it is no good you being ill when you are David's carer.

All the very best, keep a hold



Hi Paton,

Sorry to hear he is in such pain. My hopes and prayers are with you both. At least David has you on his side. Without loved ones to support us our lives would be so much worse and remember everything you do for him is so much appreciated. Hang on in there and try to have a good Christmas.



Pat, thanks for the update and I wish you both well. Have a relaxing festive season. Best Wishes, Ann.


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