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Eyesight really bad

Hi to everyone and to those who replied to my last post, just want to thank yous very much. My fibro has been worse lately but so has my eyesight. Especially today even with my glasses on everything is still blurry. Does anyone else have this problem. I've had hardly any sleep the past couple of weeks now so dont know if its anything to do with that though lack of sleep is nothing unusual for me just been worse lately. I've been really worrying today.

Hugs to all


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Are your eyes either red, or painful? If so, then you probably need to see an eye clinic to get them checked out. It just might be that your fibro has been misdiagnosed and is actually inflammatory arthritis - and inflammatory arthritis frequently causes eye inflammation that really needs treating quickly so it doesn't cause permanent damage. I've known a few people who finally got an inflammatory arthritis diagnosis after their eye problems had been properly diagnosed. If you need to see an eye clinic and there isn't an emergency one in your area, check out whether any of the local opticians provide a clinical service for eye emergencies (which means they have someone with extra training and some extra equipment) - I know they are going that way in Scotland, but not quite sure about other areas of the UK

I think even if your eyes weren't red or painful, if it was me, I'd be wanting to get a proper check from someone with a bit more expertise than your regular optician, just to make sure there was no inflammation lurking there.

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I would see a medic, lack of sleep can cause worsening health problems. Raised blood pressure can cause blurred vision as can failing sight and drugs, you need help to find out the cause. Best wishes


I was once told by an eye specialist that fibro can affect the muscles in your eyes, he told me that my eyes were wonky enough to be operated on but he wouldn't touch them because I had fibro. Luckily my glasses do the job - all three pairs of them! One pair for reading, one for distance and a pair for the in betweeny stuff :)

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I have recently noticed a deterioration in my eyesight. I have Parkinsons and am also a borderline diabetic. I am going for a diabetic eye screening and eye test today so should get some idea about what, if anything, is going on. I am in the process of coming off Gaberpentin for sciatic pain and will be starting amytripelane (forgive spelling).


I would definitely get your eyes checked the quicker they are the quicker you will have either peace of mind or treatment for any condition you may have.

Not sleeping is a vicious circle and can leave you feeling so low and ill go talk to your gp and ask if there is any help they can offer you to get your sleeping habits back on track.

Good luck



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