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How unexpected

Blow me down I have had a lucky day.

The hospital appointment has a positive outcome. And reinforces my faith in the NHS, as the young doctor fields a phone call mid consultation. After spending a few minutes trying to reassure, she comes to a quick decision and says "wheel them over and I will take a look.". A little bit of reassurance goes a long way, I am impressed.

I get home from a route march just in time to collapse on the sofa and catch.

Whippet and I miss a Newton moment as an apple thumps to the ground missing our heads by a whisker.

And lastly just as I had given up any hope of receiving the promised replacement radio for my knackered digital job that I had wrangled out of her on the end of the phone. There is a knock at the door and there it is.

Now shall I buy a lottery ticket?

The fact that I couldn't get the better of the sodding shoulder pales into insignificance.

Another day over.

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Look for the silver lining Nedd! Well done.


Brilliant day sit back and enjoy the feeling that this world is a good place.



Hello BOB here

Enjoy the high of a good day.

All the best


Thanks Nedd, for sharing the happiness, can see your cheeky grin from here! ;)


It was a gift of a day. Thanks for comments.

Re cheeky grin.

I caught sight of myself in the mirror today. What a squawking. I have aged at least ten years recently. I blame the constant clenched jaw, not the misspent youth. I look like me mother.


I sent my mum a birthday card : it's a cartoon of a lady in curlers sat in front of the mirror, and with horror she's looking at her reflection and exclaiming, "Mother?!" Every time I chide mine for some little mannerism or saying she has, she warns me, "It'll come to you eventually!"


I hate to say this. But she is spot on.

There is a warning to a man before marrying.

Look at the mother, because that's what you end up with.