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Thank You

I thank you all for your support, and understanding

When I was writing I was dragged into Israel problems, and was on the Good Fence when problems were happening upon that border when fighting was taking place and had to spend time in an air raid bunker because of mans inhumanity. When you watch the fear in peoples eyes at what was going on

In Ethiopia I was on the border with Eritrea, domestic flights were transporting soldiers from the capital and we had to fly near to the ground to prevent missiles hitting the plane,

Over three years I spent a great deal of time in areas that were destroying their places of interest and killing their Nationals, many being dragged into a war not of their making. We must have spent over 6 weeks in conditions of conflict.

In the Middle East and Yemen we had to have guards with rifles to protect us, we could not trust the guards. .

Now I will never mention this time again as I was wrong to bring this into this domain. This period of time made me what I am now. All I want to do now is too help those who have problems associated with mental health, Pain, RA,, and dementia

I thought all of this was past, now I am forewarned it will not happen again, again

All the best




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Bob, we are what we are.....we can't change this....

We have all done and said things on which we then come to regret....yes, it can be the spur of the moment thing, this is what we do...we do what we think is right at the time.

After something has been said, is when we regret what has been said. It all sticks in your mind, for the wrong reason's.

I wish you well Bob....



This time of year our thoughts are always with those in the forces, those caught up in conflict and their families. I have family in the forces posted in Afganistan and other trouble spots around the world. I have the greatest respect for you and the service you gave your country and humanity.

Our experiences make us what we are and although we wish we could sometimes bury the past we can't we have to accept it and realise it gave us the skills to be the humans we are today.

Good luck Bob and glad to see you posting again.



Hello BOB here

I will start again now posting, it is what I enjoy,

Politician should be forced to fight the wars they cause not the people who are innocent bystanders

Thank you all



You have no need to apologise. You should be able to say what you feel without recriminations. Us CP sufferers have enough s*** to deal with on a daily basis. The thing I learnt, when angry or animated about something important I will respond 24 hours later when I've calmed down x


I am also starting to sleep on it and make my comments the next day. Good advice!


Thank you x


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