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Well I am back on site you knew me as Bob12.

I took a wobbler last time due to many mind problems and the pain I was in at the time, I was and still am very weak, and still need a great deal of assistance mentally as many of my problems have not sorted with my old address, I have just returned from a three week holiday down south, returned yesterday and the problems are still there, My doctor wanted to see me every two days before the holiday, so it looks like it will be opened up again, as I see him in two days time on my return, I think I nearly ended up in hospital.

I am pushing like mad to get back on the voluntary work, although Hazel has put her foot down for the moment, we will see what happens on Tuesday, it will take time I suppose.

With disability and pain it is a great leveller one moment you are there full blast the next you are looking for riencarnation, it can be very hard for all of use.

I hope you are all ok and I look forward to possibly helping you, and myself with support from these pages

All the best


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Hi Bob,

Welcome back. Sorry you've had a rough time of it. Maybe you are stronger now that you've had time away from the everyday troubles.

Any recovery takes a while, its good to see you want to do things like voluntary work. Yes, pain, illness and disability get in the way all the time, but the old saying is true a journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step.

I found when I was in the depths of the darkness that setting one task to do each day helped me. It gave me a sense of achievement, and I felt useful. I made a list of all the things I needed to do, and wanted to do. Then got a diary and wrote in the ones that were time sensitive on the day. The rest I just randomly entered in leaving a blank day here and there incase something else cropped up, or something took longer than anticipated. It included crazy things like tightening up the knobs on the chest of drawers. I remember getting annoyed when I kept pulling them off instead of opening a drawer.

Wishing you well.


Welcome back Bob, I hope your holiday has helped with some of your problems.


Welcome back Bob. We wondered what had happened to you. We missed you. Like Zanna said, one day at a time. ;)


Welcome back Bob. I've just had a bit time oot myself....

Take care.



It is good to see you are back, Bob, even if the journey is a bit of a roller coaster for you. We would just encourage you to hang in there and as Zanna says, one step at a time and better not to try to rush things. Keep looking up.

All the best, Chriswinkle



Thanks everyone I missed my morning, evening chats here it was just to difficult, it all came to a head and if I had not gone on holiday would have had two day appointments at the GP or an extended hospital stay. Tomorrow I have too visit doctor and see how it goes, My GP has kept me on his list for the moment, and the occupational therapist is transfering me to Berwick so they can sort out my needs, I was supposed to have scans although they have been cancelled for the moment while I can sort out the old napper, HEAD.

This has been the first action I have taken towards things I was able to do before I dropped the marbles. So it feels good for normality

All the very best to all



Glad you are back Bob, though it would be even better if none of us was here if we didn't have the pain! I like your comment about reincarnation. Pain is very humbling. I whole-heartedly wish that none of us have it but perhaps it has made me a better person for having it?


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