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Osteoarthritis pain

Hi all, just to keep you up to date with what's happening. I have seen the consultant Rheumy, but he is unsure what is causing the pain and swelling in my hands and fingers. He said it could be my fibromyalgia, diabetes, sarcoidosis or osteoarthritis.

Had blood tests last Friday, going for an ultra sound scan next Tuesday on both hands.

He told me to stop taking Atorvastatin for my cholesterol to see if this is causing the pain and swelling, as sometimes statins do. Been off it a week and no difference as of yet, he has also wrote to my GP asking them to prescribe naproxen to me, as they were reluctant due to my asthma,diabetes and acid reflux and hiatus hernia!!!! Waiting for their call at the moment.

He also said I may have to up the dose age of the prednisolone, I told him I wasn't happy to do this as I have put on approx 3 stone in as many years of being on steroids and that I was now down to 5mg per day and hoping to come off them altogether.

I am seeing Rheumy again on the 19th September so will let you know what happens.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.


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It's good that you don't have a massive wait before your next appointment. hope you get some answers soon.


Hi teadrinker , I have had to pay privately to get these appointments so quickly, my appointment next Thursday is one I already had on the NHS, but couldn't wait that long so went private. Luckily my husband can claim some, if not all fees back on his insurance he pays at work.

Can't wait for the scan to find out whats causing the pain and swelling in my hands.

Thanks for your reply, will let you know what happens.



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