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Young people with pain


I was wondering if anyone here is less than 30 years old ? How do you cope, and how do you manage your pain ? Are you still able to work - how do you manage this ? Are you in a relationship, and have you started a relationship since being in pain ?

If you've had pain for many years and your now older - please feel free to comment.

I'm particularly interested to hear from people with back or neuropathic pain. As opposed to fibromyalgia, purely because it is a completely different illness and treatment and prognosis is different.

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Hi - Im 30 and have Trigeminal Neuralgia - not the 'under 30' category but young at heart :)


You are welcome to join the under 30 party. Just me and you so far.

Sorry to hear about your pain .m

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fibromyalgia is related to back or neuropathic pain. This is because of the problems with symptoms and causes. It is relatively easy to give a different name for symptoms of chronic pain. So the back or neuropathic pain someone has can easily be fibromyalgia and vica versa.

Pain caused by muscle behaviour and posture is a matter poorly understood by the medical profession.


Hop across to painfullystrong.co.uk and our facebook groups facebook.com/painfullystrong/ and facebook.com/painfullystron...

My co-founder is 26 and she has CRPS - we can also introduce you to other closed groups on FB that may be more suitable for you.

see you there

Lou xx


Hey, definitely under 30 here: 23. I have had back pain and periods of sciatica, but these are mainly caused by have severe lupus. I also have fibromyalgia but find that the pain feels different and affects me differently. I had to reduce my full time job to 4 days but am stubborn about losing any more despite medical concerns. I maintain a social life and relationship, though everything feels like a compromise because I can't keep up with my friends. I was diagnosed with lupus at 19 and went from being an extremely active party girl to being in constant pain, plus all the joys of joint issues, organ involvement etc. If you want to talk, I'm around and understand how hard it can be. So many people don't understand that young people can be disabled too xx


Hi Dan

Ive had chronic low back pain for 31 years since I was 14. I fell over a dog backwards and my live has gone downhill from there. I've managed with massage, exercise, tens machine, physiotherapy, nerve ablasion, facet joint injections, acupuncture and increasing amounts of medication starting with all your OTC meds to eventually being prescribed butrans, morphine, diazepam, baclofen, pregabalin etc the only thing left for me is a spinal fusion but I've refused twice in 16 years for different reasons. I also have neuropathic pain in neck, back shoulders legs. Not sure if I've left anything else out ๐Ÿ˜ŒWhy do you ask? Are you young and in pain too?

Sarah xx


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