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end of my tether

These last few week my pain has been awful,today I really feel at the end of my tether with it..theres is no respite,no time when I do hurt..arms,shoulders,neck,thoracic,lumbar and legs.My limbs are useless especilally my arms they have no strength without unbearable pain..lifting the kettle hurts,the cup of tea not as bad :)lol

I enjoy gardening,but at present it has me in tears..i can manage maybe ten minutes then I have to stop..ive tried returning a few hours later only for the same response..yes its got me down.

All I want is a bit of time without this pain..i guess when i sleep i get that dont I :) lol

See ortho next week and luckily for me its the frrst one i saw back in 2010 he did my im hoping he will do a new one or a ct .

Sorry for the moan but my usual fighting spirit is a bit thin .

happy tuesday all :)


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Jan. all the best with the ortho. I don't know what it is but my pains have intensified over the past few months and like you, they are everywhere. I'm seeing an osteopath tomorrow, they have helped in the past but can get carried away, I've found. I don't have the cracking adjustments but even so. Waiting to hear from Pain Clinic for facet joint injections to neck which scares me. My shoulders are terrible. My lower back is also hellish. I've got loads to do today and I wake up groggy every day, even though no meds. Or alcohol!

Hope you can get some relief - maybe even more rest ?


Hi Jan, Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I'm going through a bad patch too, and my garden is desperate for attention! I have m.e. as well as a congenital spinal problem, so I have to spend ages just TRYING to rest. But it's so frustrating, isn't it. Do hope that your appointment goes well and that you are offered better pain relief. Anna


get GP to review pain meds/ physio??..



Try and settle yourself I suffer flare ups that knock me sideways, do a very little often. Now my wife says that I have become very reclusive so she takes me to the caravan to actually change the walls so I am lucky to get away from everything ,although I feel a prisoner in my own body, look after your self

All best



Well Jan I know how you feel the pain is as I say my friend he keeps me company when I potter in garden which is always painful so as soon as it start to go into a really bad pain in lower back and arms I rest. I wen't to the pain clinic and was taught the pacing method and fair enough it works you monitor your pain and when you have don't the correct amount of the time I go put a clissical cd on and relax this works for me. I never get rid of my pain and I know I never will I have seen Physios and Doctors and they can't do anything it makes it worse. My doctor is Fantastic he knows what I am talking about and he gos the extra mile he is great and very helpful. Well hope you get sorted soon it's to late for me but I have to pace for the rest of my life, I have just enjoyed resting typing this to you take care and good luck


I think we can all relate to 'having a moan' - only its not moaning. Its bloody hard living with pain especially when its unrelenting and we need understanding and support! well, I do and it sounds like you do right now Jan! Its lonely too! We hold on to small pleasures like gardening as its a chance to get out in the fresh air and 'achieve' some small thing each day so when we cant its really hard. I find my thoughts close in around me and I feel tight and closed off like a wounded creature.....I can see more clearly now the relationship with my thoughts and the pain and they bounce off each other and not in a good way. Obviously, its much easier when pain subsides but when it goes on and on its a form of torture and of course the mind spirals downwards.....I fight it and soldier on but this does bugger all - what happens if you just go to bed and let go of all the effort and struggle, follow your breathing until you feel calmer and then drift over your body to see whether you can soften to the tension gathered about you? Let the fighting spirit take the day off and have a day curled up in the warmth and safety of your bed.....hugs to you Jan. ;)

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Good advice boozy, a bit of meditation goes a long way. Just breath slowly in nose and out mouth and focus on your breathing, (feeling, sound, good air, bad air, movement, anything) use your tummy to fill your lungs and breath in for longer and out for longer. Increase as comfortable every few breaths.


thank you all :) thats why we like it here because people understand how it feels .

Boozybird,thats just what im doing today ,a day off curled up in bed in my pjs with silly tv,books,music :) hugs to you all

jan x


I just bought A.M Homes book - winner of women's fiction prize - so I might just join you today (so to speak - lol) good for us! A day in bed....:)


I'll budge over and make room :) Ive just had a call for a job Im starting ,to go for induction on Thursday thats given me a positive lift..its just a ciuple of hours a day,doing housework/shopping/ for elderly and disabled..stuff Id do at home for me,so Im hopeful I can manage that.

In fact such a boost Im going for a stroll to the local shop(just over the road) so if you want choccy or cake let me know :) lol


Brilliant! I'm smiling with you. ;)


Hi Jan,

What you are doing is right, pacing is a method where you do a little bit of something and rest, then go back to it or rotate with other activities. If you stick with it, your body will manage longer and longer.

If you only have a few minutes activity, then plan what to do, divide the job up into smaller areas, don't make targets as this will destroy you if you can't meet them.

I understand the frustration. I trained my body to sit and use a sewing machine starting with 5 mins sitting in a chair, then 5 mins with foot on pedal, then 5 mins working pedal. Then built up over 5 months to 50 mins. I never thought I could do it, but because I worked within the limits of my body, it got used to it.

It is a huge positive that you can do something even for 10 mins. Turning the thought round and focusing on what you can do is so much better than thinking about all the things you can't do or used to do. And because you are only working for a short time, you will get a lot done. And when you add up all the 10 minutes, it soon becomes an hour.

Pain makes you live your life differently and its a bit like the Morcombe and Wise piano sketch - all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order.

Hope you get some useful results from your ortho.


Hi Zanna :) yes I was taught pacing..sadly I'm not that good at it lol. I do meditate and use a yoga breathing that really clears the head,I also do a lot of mindfulness..touch something and repeat 'here now ' to myself helps keep me in the now and relaxed. I also believe in moving,'exercising' by walking,stretching in my daily chores as much as possible. My thinking is I will hurt no matter what so get on and do the things that bring me pleasure,make me feel mentally good and that means being physical for me. Just occassionally as in today I know my body wants rest,so thats what Im doing today(well unless I get a spurt then I'll go for a walk)

I am trying to start work as I miss not working and could do with the money; however my pain and mobility is proving a big hurdle.

Its wet here and definately feels like a snuggle TLC day :)



Hi sound like you are making all the right moves!

Our Med Weather has gone and we are back to British Summertime here in NI too. Wet and cool...but my garden just loves it!

All the best with the Ortho next week and the Thursday induction! Go girl!

Enjoy your tlc day. And if you are going to the shop...make mine a sugary do-nut please.

I'll have the coffee ready when you get back! It's great we can share our frustrations and pain here among pals as, very often, no one else wants to listen. x

Hugs to all who are in the same boat. Ana


Hi Jan, Like you, I am awaiting an appointment with 'Specialist' in the hope this dreaded pain can be relieved as it's becoming harder and harder each day to muster enough enthusiasm to carry on. I hope you find respite soon and in the meanwhile just think of happy days when you were able to do the things you enjoyed. Take care.


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