Pregabalin and Tramadol

Hi there. I'm new to the site and not too sure what to expect but I'm getting married in 4 weeks and just when I thought I had my pain under control I've had a relapse and I'm feeling very worried and scared. I've been prescribed both Tramadol and Pregabalin but have read both are strong and can make you feel rough. I don't really want to feel like this with my wedding coming up but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have experience with these drugs??

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  • I'm on tramadol been on it a few weeks leaves me felling dizzy with a very dry mouth constipation fast heartbeat not been on pregabalin but others on here have as it a very popular drug

  • Hey there. Thanks for responding. What dose of Tramadol are you on? My concern is starting these tablets with a few weeks to go till my wedding. I don't want to be spaced out on the big day. Also, you can't drink alcohol on either tablets can you? I want to drink on my big day

  • If you are using pregablin only then for alcohol its all fine. I've been using gabbies been 4 years now. If you can keep track with the numbers of how many glasses you have finished then only I would suggest you can but I will also say that better not to intake much of hard liquors when ur already on pregablin. As for tramadol don't ever mix alcohol with it. I guess u will be knowing better than me about opioids n opiates.

  • Hey there. Thanks for responding. What dose of Tramadol are you on? My concern is starting these tablets with a few weeks to go till my wedding. I don't want to be spaced out on the big day. Also, you can't drink alcohol on either tablets can you? I want to drink on my big day

  • I am on Tramadol 50 mg 3x a day and Pregabalin 75 mg 2x a day for 3 weeks now and I feel okay. The Sciatica pain I felt was gone and I feel alright. Got to talk to my doctor after a month of taking these meds. I want to quit it since I am also taking amlodipine 10 mg and losartan potassium 50 mg daily for my hypertension. Benn practicing yoga these days to help cure my sciatica syndrome.

    Taking Pregabalin and Tramadol at first makes me feel like I am in codeine. Felt so relaxed and at ease. But during the later part of my 2nd-week intake, everything seems normal.

    Overall, it's good for me.

  • Hi there.

    Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. I am on both pregabalin and tramadol, and find them a helpful mix to manage my neuropathic pain. Maybe you should speak to your gp about starting with the lowest dose. It has been a lot of trial and error with doses, and timings for me. Best of luck. x

  • Hey there. Thanks for responding. How long have you been on both tablets and what doses? I have to ask, have you gained weight with the Pregabalin as it seems everyone I speak to has? I don't want to gain weight before my wedding. Also, what symptoms do you suffer from with your neuropathic pain?

  • I can't comment much on tramadol because I'm allergic to the stuff, but pregabalin asides giving you a bad stomach if you miss a dose I don't think it should make you feel too rough, especially not if you're on a low (under 150g a day). If you have side effects it's worth going back to your doctor and see what can be tweaked.

  • Hi there. Thanks for the reply. What dose of Pregabalin are you on? It seems that everyone I speak to gains weight on the drug? Have you?

  • Hi Jmscant I was prescribed tramadol and pregabalin and I felt spaced out tired and they did not take the pain off yet I know people who have not had these side effects. I have tried numerous painkillers that did not work including morphine patches.I am now on tapentadul 250mg twice a day and although it does not take all pain away I can cope better My pain is caused by pudendul nerve.good luck for wedding and hope you get your meds sorted.

  • Thanks for responding. I seem to read bad things about both drugs and with my wedding coming up I don't want to feel spaced out etc. I also see that many people gain weight on Pregabalin. What symptoms do you suffer from with your nerve issue?

  • Sitting down a problem I feel as if I have a water infection but have not got one all in the right side the pain was horrendous and I had private surgery at spires hospital Bristol it made the pain about 30 per cent better I have been at my wits end with the pain but tupentadul as made it easier good luck hope your dr sorts you out .

  • Sitting down a problem I feel as if I have a water infection but have not got one all in the right side the pain was horrendous and I had private surgery at spires hospital Bristol it made the pain about 30 per cent better I have been at my wits end with the pain but tupentadul as made it easier good luck hope your dr sorts you out .

  • You poor thing. I don't even know what's wrong with me. I've not been given a definite diagnosis. Started as lower back pain which they thought was neuropathic pain and now it's spread to my abdominal muscles which burn and ache immensely. I just want a normal life

  • I found tramadol and gabapentin (alternative to preg) very helpful and although I cant eradicate the pain by staying on lower/ reactive doses, they were life savers for me - literally. Go slow but allow at least two weeks to get past side effects and feel benefits. Good luck

    ( alcohol !) :)

  • Hey there. Thanks for replying. Yeah I was told about Gabapentin as well but was told Pregabalin was a better drug. I read that many people gain weight with both drugs??? When you mention no alcohol, this is another issue. I want to drink on my wedding day :-(

  • Congrats on your wedding! I agree with the others who advised to start slow and see what you can cope with. I have been on tramadol for years and i have no problems. I tried Pregabilin and didn't like it at all. I stuck with it for 2years and then came off it. I don't want to freak you out but are you aware that a lot of people ( me included) put on weight very quickly with Pregabilin? Just something you need to factor in with a wedding dress in view!

    keep a record of any side effects you experience and let your doctor know so your dose can be regulated. Xo

  • Hey. Thanks for the response. In what way didn't you like Pregabalin? What dose of Tramadol are you on? Yeah I am very concerned about the weight gain. I'm male so it would affect my wedding suit as opposed to a dress :-(

  • HI jmscant, I have been on pregabalin for five years and they work for me, as they come in different strengths you can control your dose depending on the level of your pain, but be careful any pain medication that is too strong you will feel very drowsy and horrible. If your pain is just about bearable try using a tens machine. but we are all different and you should consult with your doctor before you take any advice on medication from anyone . we can only tell you what works for us . I was prescribed tramadol and was rushed to hospital i had not a clue who i was it sent me totally on another planet so be careful. I hope you get sorted and i wish you lots of luck and happiness for your future and your wedding.

    Regards triciaj.x

  • Hey there. Thanks. I have tried a TENS machine and it helps with my lower back pain but it doesn't seem like I can wear it on my stomach where I also have core abdominal muscle pain. What dose of tramadol messed you up?? Have you gained weight on Pregabalin??

  • Hi again jmscant, In reply to you last question to me, I did put on weight in the early days but I put that down to being so inactive and I was on 250 mg of pregabalin I now vary from 100 mg to 250mg depending on the level of my pain. Tramadol ,I was advised to take two every three to four hours I didn't feel too good after the first dose and when I took the second dose I was way out of it I woke up in hospital and had to have all meds washed out of my system an experience I don't want to have again but as I said before we all react different to different meds. I also have injections both sides of my spine every six months which again work very well for me. If I were you I would have a good chat with your doctor now you are more knowledgeable of how others are coping with their pain. Let me know how you get on. Triciaj.x

  • Hi Tricia. Thanks for sharing that with me. I feel very sorry for you. The only issue I have with trying all these tablets is that my wedding is just over 3 weeks away and I don't want to feel awful on the big day

  • Hi I have put on weight whilst on pregabalin but I think it is also a combination of all the other tablets im on, and the fact that due to the pain I am not as active as I used to be. I have been taking pregabalin for 2 years with varied doses between 100mg to 400mg. The higher the dose the more side effects I appear to encounter. The worst being dizziness and nausea. I am now on extended release tramadol which I only have to take every 12 hrs. Initially it made me every drowsy but now it is fine, and has helped reduce the peaks and troughs of my pain. Take care. x

  • Hi. Thanks for this. I take it you can't drink alcohol?

  • I've been on pregabalin for about 2 years for leg pain and it hasn't made me gain weight. I have gained a little bit of weight over the past few years, due to being inactive because of the back pain, but it wasn't from the pregabalin. When I first started it, I felt really drugged and had to take at bedtime, but after a few days, this went away. I'm on a fairly low dose - 100mg - so maybe that's why I haven't had bad side effects. But just be aware, the first day or 2 that you take it, you might feel a bit woozy.

    Tramadol, I tried but didn't like it - it made me nauseous, so stopped after a couple of days.

  • Not really but I sometimes treat myself to a small glass of vino on special occasions. To be honest I don't miss alcohol as much as I expected. X

  • p.s. I drink alcohol while on pregabalin and am fine. But I wouldn't recommend alcohol with tramadol.

  • Yeah that's what I've heard. I'm thinking Tramadol would be a short-term solution to get quick pain relief in the remaining weeks leading to wedding, but am apprehensive about Pregabalin due to side effects, mostly weight gain

  • Alcohol with tramadol you will be off your tits don't try it !

  • Thanks. Nicely put ;-)

  • Wonderful news about your forthcoming marriage. I have been on Pregablin for nearly 5 years now and wouldn't be without it as it has helped the neuropathic type of pain e.g. the burning, stabbing part immensely. I was started on the lowest dose possible and now have about 125mg or 200mg if it is bad dailt. I found higher doses left me very sluggish so I am prepared to trade some pain for being more alive. I found Tramadol was quite an effective pain killer but unfortunately it left me with a very strange headache 24/7 and I mean 24/7 so I decided in the end to come off it. It could have been the combination of the 2 drugs but I have no way of knowing that only that within 2 days of finishing the Tramadol the headache went. My friend who went on Tramadol after an operation said it was a life saver for her but the first two weeks she did have nightmares and felt a little bit high which she said actually helped her get through things and she said after about 2 weeks these side effects diminished alot. . Everyone is different unfortunately so it is very hard for us to catergorically say this or that will happen. some people take both with no worries at all as we are all individuals and it is according to what other medication we might already be on.. Try taking the lowest dose possible to start with as you are less likely to have side effects. It is unfortunate that this has all come just as you are doing all the last minute preparations but remember stress can make muscle pain much worse so try to allow some time for relaxation between all the jobs you have to do and delegate to others what you can. Good luck with everythingx

  • Hi. Thank you for your kind response. I am panicking a little as I was on top of the pain and then a couple of weeks ago had a relapse, hence being prescribed these two drugs. I've read most people gain weight with Pregabalin and I can't afford to with the wedding coming up. Did you gain weight? I guess you can't drink alcohol on them either? What do you suffer from in terms of symptoms?

  • My symptoms are aching muscles as though I have flu, aching, gnawing pains in back down spine and hips and lowr back. Sometimes shooting and burning pains in back and occasionally feet. Changes in weather also effect me and if it is cold and wet I feel as though I have flu all the time. I am very stiff in the mornings then get much better and then from about 3 in the afternoon go very stiff again. To be quite honest I put down the weight gain of about alf a stone (which came on very gradually) to the loack of activity as I was very, very active before and went from walking the dog an hour a day and 75 lengths of the swimming pool each week to just a bit of gentle walking. Now I am a bit better with the aid of the drugs I do more walking and some light housework and gardening and I am back to my original weight. I do drink some alcohol but now I am on a patch as well I just have about 3/4 of a glass every other day. Before I was on the patch I could have about one and a half glasses but after that I felt very, very tired so never exceeded that limit. If you decide to go on them I wouldn't suddenly stop them for your wedding day as some people can have the trots like one of the other members said. Pregablin can really help the burning, shooting pains so why not try the lowest dose I was put on 25mg initially and slowly buildx

  • Hi Rose. Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry to read about your symptoms. I have 50mg Pregabalin and need to make a decision ASAP. I'm concerned about weight gain before the wedding and then being able to drink on my big day as I do enjoy a drink

  • Hi Sweetheart, I have been on both. While everyone reacts different it will take awhile to see how you react to the meds. I really feel for you as you certainly don't need added stress right now. You didn't mention what your diagnosis was? Just wondering as it could help in advising. Hoping you have a wonderful wedding day and many happy years ahead!!! Hang in there Sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hey Mitsi. Thanks for your kind words. I've not been given a definite diagnosis. I've seen a neurologist and pain specialist and at first they thought neuropathic pain but then more chronic muscle issue but basically it started with lower back pain following accupuncture reaction and then spread to my core abdominal and pelvic muscles. The pain changes from a deep, sore burn to an awful throbbing/aching pain. It's ruining my life ;-(

  • Bless your heart!!! Keeping you in my prayer's. Praying the doctor's will find the answers sweetheart!!! I'm having esophagus and stomach issues now and in the past I've had female problems and back issues so I truly do feel your pain. xxxx Mitzi

  • Thank you Mitzi xx

  • Hi jmscant. Apologise for the mixup re male/female! I started on a very low dose of prevailing which was gradually increased to about 300mg per day. The more you take, the more drugged you feel, as others have already said. I didn't like the feeling of being like a zombie most of the Tim so I tried to keep it on a lower dose. At that time, I had just retired but occasionally worked as a substitute teacher, which meant I had to drive myself to work. I couldn't take the pregabilin before I drove as it made me so drowsy. I had to get there early and then take the tablet so that I would be reasonably alert by the Time classes started. I put on 10lbs in two weeks when I started to take it.

    As for. Tramadol, I have been taking it for well over ten years, and was on similar strength painkillers before that, as I have suffered from lower back pain for 33years. At the beginning, I think I was a bit high but on the whole, I have never experienced any of the severe reactions or side effects that others have mentioned. I was able to manage for a good few years on 100mg twice aday (slow release) but when the pain was bad, I had to increase that to 200mg twice a day. My doctor gave me tramadol melts (50mg) which dissolve on the tongue and I used them for breakthrough pain.

    following an operation on my spine and increasing problems with my right knee, I was on 400 mg tramadol which did not come near to controlling the pain( I was on various anti inflammatories over the months as well) so I was taken off. Tramadol and put on to Fentanyl pain patches. Unfortunately, due to a recent fall, I have been in a lot of pain and my doctor said I could add in tramadol and paracetamol for relief.

    A tens machine didn't really give me relief, and that was when my pain was not as bad as it is currently. As for alcohol, all of my meds warn about drinking alcohol. I have an occasional glass but it's not a regular thing. The more meds and the higher the strength, the more possibility of side effects.

    Hope you get your pain under control before the wedding. Take care.

  • Hi I take 100mg tramadol 4x daily and 700mg gabapentin (which is similar to pregabalin) . I know tramadol can cause some people difficulties it has never done so to me. Gabapentin has also been ok but i have gradually increased it to amount i need to relieve my pain - it took about 10 days with the original dose to feel ok with it. i suppose it's about having a go with them. Personally if you have taken neither before i would decide to begin taking 1 of them as you won't be able to identify whether you are reacting to 1 or the other or both of them together

  • See if you can get an RX for Oxycodone 30 mg be very careful if you have drink ,doesn't leave you hung over but very effective for pain

  • Hi there. Do you use Oxycodone, and if so what for?

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