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Interesting information on research into OC

Hi All

I have signed up to get alerts from 1uponcancer and the last alert had some interesting links which support recent blogs on vaccine therapy but also some other new research on a blood test etc. at the bottom of the articles are links to journal articles for more reading. Hopefully the link will work, otherwise you may need to sign up for alerts??

Hugs Amanda xx

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Hi Amanda,

Thank you for the link ... It does work and I have saved it to read later love x G x :-)


Thanks, Amanda, for recommending my site for info on OC. I appreciate it :) The homepage, "Freebies tab" (which is on drop down menu under "Resources" tab) and some of the others might help too, I hope you are doing well.




Dear Amanda

Thanks so much for giving us the link to - any good news is great news for us!

Keep well. love Annie xxxx


Dear Amanda

Thanks for the link . I've subscribed now. Looks interesting


Francesca x


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