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Does anyone know where I can find a list of drugs that are not prescribed due to cost?

I have degeneration of the spine, but it's not been to bad the last year or so, probably because I've been on other drugs for pain with OC. Anyway, the most effective drugs I have had for the pain are Diazepam and Diclofenic, GP won't prescribe these now (new GP), so is it because of cost, I found an old pack which is just in date and the relief in my back is immense, after two days of being unable to walk. Any pointers or links would be great.


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  • Hi Lily-Anne,

    I am sorry that you are in a lot of pain, I can't speak from personal experience but after researching these drugs it does say that it is advisable to only take them short term, there was also an article on the BBC in February saying that Diclofenic is over prescribed and can cause problems...perhaps you'd be better going back to your GP for her to prescribe a different drug...I hope you will feel better soon love x G x

  • Hi, Lily-Anne.

    Have you tried acupuncture? I have two spine hernias and when I feel pain acupuncture really helps.



  • Hi, Lily-Anne.

    Have you tried acupuncture? I have two spine hernias and when I feel pain acupuncture really helps.



  • Hi LA

    I would echo Gwyn's advice, go back to the GP, tell her what you've told us on here and ask for advice. What can I do, cos I can't take the level of pain. My Mum was prescribed Gabapentin after a back op, but that was for spinal nerve pain. It depends what is causing your pain, nerves, discs, or whatever....

    Hope you find an answer.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Lily Anne

    Diazepam is a tranquiliser. As Gwyn says, they only like to prescribe it for a short time because it is addictive and because you develop a tolerance to it and need more and more of it. There should be alternatives. I don't know about Diclofenic, but would have thought there would be alternatives to that, too. Hope your GP will be helpful and that you will soon be out of pain.

    Monique x

  • Hi Lilly Anne, Diazapam although effective when used as a muscle relaxant is highly addictive, I do take it on rare occasions for possibly only 2 - 3 nights and then stop. Diclofenac also known as Volterol can cause stomach ulcers and again is administered with care. As Gwyn advised ask your GP for an alternative I have suffered for many years with my back etc and it is a careful balance with many of these drugs. Good luck I hope you find some relief soon Karen xx

  • Hi Lily-anne

    If you can find a copy of the British national formulary (BNF) it has all meds available in there,along with the costs and indications, side effects and interactions. Hope you feel better soon!

    Sue. X

  • Thanks Ladies,

    I've had back problems, degeneration and sciatica since I was 24 after having my second child, however over the last few years it hasn't been so bad, until I had my hysterectomy, my back has been weaker since then.

    I went to the GP today and she has given me Naproxen, she said if Diclofenac (Voltarol) is the only thing that is working she will let me have some but see how these go first. It took years to find a good painkiller for me, so am reluctant to steer from what I know. I used to take dihydracodeine and diazepam, both addictive but I only ever took a couple of each, it was enough to relieve my back.

    Getting what works is a real challenge these days, so will try Naproxen and see. Pressure is on as this time next week I shall be on an aeroplane, don't want my two weeks in the sun to be dogged by back ache :(

    LA x

  • Volterol is available over the counter in presciption dosage, I would have thought Omprazole taken with volterol would avoid stomach trouble, I take it with brufen. Hope what your GP has prescribed will do the job

    Chris xx

  • I hope so, fingers crossed, just had to go and get a loaf of bread and my back hurts more, it's so frustrating. I think there's a smidgen of worry in the back of my mind that it's more than back ache too. I mentioned it to hubby but he said a tumour can't grow that quick, not sure I know whether it can of not, not sure I want to think about it either.

    LA xx

  • Lily Anne

    As the other ladies have said the British National Formulary is the list of drugs available in the UK. A small number have the word NHS crossed out beside them meaning that they cannot be prescribed on the nhs. However this unfortunately does not mean whatever patient can have the available drugs , this is negotiated between you and your doctor.diazepam is actually very cheap but is habit forming when taken for more than 5 days. Naproxen is considered to be safer than diligence , but you can buy a lower strength over the counter.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Charlie x

  • Lily-Anne,

    I too have degeneration of my spine since the end of Oct 2008. I had to give up work and actually 'lost' years of my life thru being on Tramadol. Spaced out but still in excruciating pain. I attended pain clinics and had several steroid injections into my spine and absolutely nothing worked. I ended up back at my gp in Oct 2010 demanding to be referred to someone else away from our local hospital. I saw a neurosurgeon who did various scans and injections under xray but again no respite from the pain so as a last resort he took the worn disc out and replaced it with a cage fusion. Woke up free from pain and able to feel all my fingers for the first time in years. My problem was in my neck at level 5/6.

    I empathise with you and hope you can get thus pain under control soon. Have you tried devil's claw? I use the gel for a sore ankle but there are pills available but depends what you are on already.

    Hugs to you,

    Sheila x

  • Hi

    Diclafenic is definitely ok to be prescribed on the NHS. My husband has been on it for years, and got some more within the last week or so! The problem with it is, as others have said, that it can give stomach problems. Long term usage can give other problems, can't remember if its kidney trouble, you'd need to check. My husband was prescribed omeprazole to help protect his stomach, and advised have a couple of days off the diclafenic every week. In addition he has a yearly check up to make sure his ?kidneys? Are not effected.



  • I joined the BNF site, wow what a world of info that I had missed.

    I tried the Naproxen, and about four hours later had upset stomach, still have it today and felt quite sicky, so that's going in the file marked 'B'.

    My son has just been given Diclofenac too Chris for a dislocated shoulder. She said there was some research into it for kidney problems, but yesterday I found some research carried out in Pakistan with vultures, hmm. My kidney function isn't great apparently so she would prefer me not to have any anti inflammatory drugs, but when you are in agony I don't think you really care much. However, am on the paracetamol today to rest my body, and back to GP tomorrow, I'll have my own chair soon.

    I don't want anything to take long term just enough to pack for my holiday and my flight, seems such a little want ....

    LA xx

  • Hope you'll have a super time on your holiday, that the sunshine and rest will ease your back and just being away somewhere different, lovely and relaxing will give time out from your worries.

    Sheila x

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