Statins to treat OC new research

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Good old Daily Mail has an article based on a press release from Keele Uni. Statins could be useful in treating OC! Nice to see research into a drug costing £2 a go not &60k! Fingers crossed the research continues and is successful.

Just put Dr Alan Richardson, Keele, Cancer and Statins into Google and the press release and science publication articles come up. (For some reason my iPad is playing silly beggars and won't copy the link 🙄)



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  • This is good news thanks for the link info 😀

  • Hi Em, this is the article from the daily mail, I've copied and pasted the start of the article together with the link to the full article, it Looks interesting. Thank you for this update, anything relating to potential new treatments is of great interest to us all Take care ❤️Xx Jane.

    Article from daily mail -

    Statins could be used as an effective treatment for ovarian cancer, a study suggests.

    The cheap drugs are taken by six million Britons a day to control high cholesterol, and are credited with saving an estimated 7,000 lives every year.

    But researchers claim that a commonly used statin could also be effective against cancer cells – if a person’s diet is also controlled.

    The study by Keele University found statins can have an effect against a substance cancer cells make in order to survive, which is also found in some foods.

    Eliminating these foods from our diet would therefore help statins to fight cancerous tumours.

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  • The Care Oncology Clinic in London use statins as part of their protocol. Research has been around for a while to suggest that some types of statin (but not all) can be helpful. Nice to see it's becoming more mainstream now.

  • Thank you for sharing.. I am on stations my chemist has told me they are all basically the same but different manufacturers. Mine are rouvovastin teva. Will certainly ask my gp when next script for his views and my onc as well. Thank you again

  • Care Oncology clinic in London has been prescribing statin metformin antibiotic/wormer combo for years!! I have been on it for 2 years.

    People with little hope & many varieties of C still alive & well on this inexpensive protocol.

    Dietary advice always given. I have seen a stem cell doctor, an endocrologist & other specialists, who truly believe & give this project their time. It is not funded by big Pharmacy as the iris no money in these cheap drugs, so can't be termed 'trial' . Crazy

    Call 020 7580 3266. Initial visit is £400 - take the time.

    My GP so happy with my progress, he now prescribes. However, my next check up tomorrow so will let you know how I go

  • This is so interesting, what drugs are you on?

  • Let us know how you get on. I've just had my end of chemo scan and see the onc for assessment on Wed. Nervous. I'm hoping for the all clear obviously but like you believe in planning for the 'what if' scenario. I may ask you for more info/opinion about care oncology in the coming weeks if that is ok.



  • Statin, metformin, antibiotic/wormer alternate months. Added Q10, 1/4 aspirin, cimetidine, sage, various minerals & bits. Grow turmeric with parsley & dill-add black pepper.

    About it I guess. Feel great

  • This is very interesting-can we get it prescribed or do we have to wait for the trial?

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